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Aeronautics Bureau

Airport Safety Inspections

The Aeronautics Bureau conducts licensing inspections on all Public Use airports annually.  Airport owners are notified in writing of the findings of the inspection.  Airports meeting all licensing requirements will be fully licensed for operation.  Airports not meeting the licensing requirements will be initially kept on probation for a year to correct any items noted on the Annual Inspection Report. Noted deficiencies must be corrected during this probation period or the airport could face Mandatory Closure.  The Bureau administers a grant program to help airports with the costs of maintenance or construction to meet licensing requirements.

airstripThis website provides the latest airport licensing inspection reports and some key information pertaining to all Public Use airports in the state. The airport inspections list the criteria necessary to comply with the Alabama Department of Transportation, Aeronautics Bureau Administrative Code.  Any violations to the Administrative Code are noted, along with the appropriate actions that should be taken to correct the deficiency and allow the airport to be maintained and operated in a safe condition.  Please click on the link below to obtain information on an airport in the State ofAlabama.

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