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Compliance and Business Opportunities

Alabama A&M University

Dr. Teresa Merriweather Orok, Executive Director
Mrs. Kim Davis Vincent, Assistant Director
DBE Supportive Services
College of Business & Public Affiars
P.O. Box 429
Normal, Alabama 35762
Phone: 256-372-5681

The Alabama A&M University DBE Support Services Center (Center) is part of an ongoing commitment by the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) to increase the level of participation of women and minorities owned contracting firms doing business in the highway and bridge construction industry. The Center is located on the historical campus of the Alabama A&M University in northern Alabama.

The A&M Center for DBE provides direct one-on-one assistance to DBE’s located in the northern region of the state. The nature and scope of services not only involve direct consultation but also reinforced classroom instruction. The Center seeks to provide assistance to the DBE’s that will enable the firms to become viable and independent.

The Center has developed and implemented a criteria and procedures for monitoring the progress of the firms, to determine their need for continued assistance. The Center also utilizes a “need assessment survey” to define and evaluate the level of skills necessary that a firm may require to improve itself to be classified as a “viable contracting firm.” Additionally, the Center imparts advice and assistance to viable DBE/WBE firms, who wish to become pre-qualified to bid on contracts as prime contractors.