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Compliance and Business Opportunities

Alabama State University

DBE State-Wide Minority Business Technical Assistance Resource Center

Center Personnel
Dr. Le-Quita Booth, Director

600 South Court Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36104
Phone: 334.229.4724
Fax: 334.269.2877

Alabama State University’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program has been selected to serve as one of four nation wide pilot projects for the Federal Highway Administration’s Minority Business Technical Assistance Resource Initiative. In line with Federal Highway Administrations Twelve Point Strategic Plan for enhancing the effectiveness of the DBE Program, ASU DBE Program’s new objective and focus will be to create a program model to achieve ALDOT’s desires to increase the competency and capacity of DBE firms participating in the federal-aid highway construction programs. This objective will be achieved by contributing to the growth, development and eventual self-sufficiency of these certified firms. ALDOT expects to increase the number of ready, willing and able contractor’s participation in its DBE Program. While at the same time administering a performance measure based program. The Minority Business Technical Assistance Resource Center will focus on the economic impact of each DBE firm in this pilot program. The services to be provided through the center will augment those presently being offered through the four DBE Supportive Service providers throughout the state.

The State-Wide Minority Business Technical Assistance Resource Center staff will maintain a fully equipped office that will be open for operation from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. A significant number of program workshop/training activities will be conducted during evening and weekend hours. The Center will provide for the following activities for the qualifying certified DBE firms selected for the pilot program.

A.) Entrepreneurial Development University (EDU)

  • Primary Session - Bidding & Estimating
  • Field Training Session – Project/Business Management
  • Truckers Session – Business Management & Diversification

B.) GC Contractor Mentoring/Mirroring
C.) DBE Construction Engineer Technical Assistance Program

Additionally, the center in partnership with the other members of the ALDOT DBE Consortium provides the DBE firms with expertise on the application of the internet in designing bid packages and contract proposals. The Center also provides its services to DBE’s during the Bid Room process in conjunction with the other consortium members.