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DBE Program

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DBE Certification Documents

Please print the DBE Certification Instructions FIRST. This will be very helpful in completing your application.

Sample DBE Application Sample Airport Concessionaire DBE Application DBE Personal Financial Statement and Instructions
DBE Certification Application Airport Concessionaire DBE Application No Change Affidavit

If you should have any additional questions regarding the DBE /Alabama Unified Certification Program please contact the Alabama Department of Transportation DBE Program Unit Supervisor, John Huffman at (334) 244-6261 or (800) 269-5081.

DBE Certification for Out-of-State Applicants

Effective February 28, 2011, the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) enacted new regulations in regard to Interstate Certification for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) applicants (section 26.85). Firms currently certified in their home state Unified Certification Program may apply for DBE with ALDOT. For more details regarding interstate certification.

DBE Continued Eligibility

DBE No Change Affidavit Other Documents Required for Recertification
DBE Personal Financial Statement and Instructions