Tameka Rose
Internal Programs
Transportation Equal Employment Unit Supervisor

The activities of the Title VII Program are focused on the department's efforts to comply with all state and federal laws pertaining to fair employment practices. Title VII activities include the processing of employee complaints, and also providing assistance to supervisors, employees, and others concerning personnel/employment issues. Complaints, including those alleging employment discrimination (i.e., based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability), are processed pursuant to federal laws, state merit system laws, and departmental policies and procedures. Assistance regarding personnel/employment issues within the state merit system, such as hiring, promotion, compensation, disciplinary actions, work rules, etc. is also available.

The Compliance Section has designated a Title VII Coordinator as the person, within the Central Office, to whom complaints should be directed. The Title VII Coordinator will process the complaint of discrimination in accordance with established department procedures and in a timely manner. In the field, complaints should be directed to the Region EEO Office, who will report to the Region Engineer.

The Title VII Coordinator, located in the Compliance and Business Opportunities Bureau is responsible for the processing of employee complaints. The department encourages employees to attempt to resolve any workplace issues through their chains of command, before filing a formal complaint. However, if an employee chooses to file a formal complaint, he/she should obtain copies of the departmental complaint form and complaint procedures, which are available statewide in each ALDOT facility(i.e., on official bulletin boards, from office managers, and /or Region EEO representatives).

Completed forms should be returned to the employee's immediate supervisor,
Region EEO Representative, or mailed directly to:

Compliance and Business Opportunities Bureau
Attention: Title VII Coordinator
1409 Coliseum Blvd., Montgomery, AL 36110.

For additional information, please contact Sam Martin at 334-242-6879.