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Construction Bureau

Environmental Construction Section

Section 2.5 - Construction Stormwater (Construction Manual)
     ALDOT Construction Best Management Practices Plan
     ALDOT Approved Treatment Chemicals Safety Data Sheets & Maufacturer's Dosing Recommendations
     ALDOT Stormwater Management Plan Template
     ADEM Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan Example
     ADEM Field Offices - Noncompliance Notifications
     C-34 Stormwater Inspection Report and BMP Certification
     C-37 Stormwater Noncompliance Notification Report
     C-38 Stormwater Turbidity Sampling Report
ALDOT Qualified Credentialed Inspector Program Information
Special and Standard Highway Drawings for Erosion and Sediment Controls (Sheets 1160-1172)
ADEM Construction and Maintenance Discussion
NPDES Notice of Registration Decision Chart
Approved Products
List II-3 Geotextiles
List II-11 Rolled and Hydraulic Erosion Control Products
List II-20 Tackifiers, Mulch Control Netting, and Hydraulic Mulch Products
List II-24 Temporary Erosion and Sediment Control Products
Alabama Soil & Water Conservation Committee (ASWCC)
    Alabama Handbook for Erosion Control, Sediment Control & Stormwater Management on Construction Sites & Urban Areas
ADEM Administrative Code (NPDES Regulations) – Chapter 12 (Division 6, Vol 1)
      Section 204 Well Closure - ADEM Guidelines for Well Abandonment
      Section 205 Asbestos - ADEM Form 496 Notice of Demolition and/or Asbestos Removal
      Section 205 Septic Tanks - ADPH Chapter 420-3-1
      Section 210 Solid Waste Excavation - ADEM Hazardous Waste Determination
      Section 250 Underground Storage Tanks - ADEM Volume II, Chapters 335-6-15 and 335-6-16
      Section 521 Bridge Coating - ADEM Form 8700-12 Notification of Regulated Waste Activity
NOAA Precipitation Frequency Data Server
Environmental Construction Section  -   Tracy Stegmaier    Sidney Little    Shane Calhoun   Tracy Miller
Stormwater Coordinator List