Timothy E. Barnett, P.E., PTOE
State Safety Operations Engineer
1409 Coliseum Blvd
Montgomery, Alabama 36110
(334) 242 - 6123


Administers the Safety Operations Program which seeks to reduce traffic crashes through the application of traffic and highway
engineering principles.

Support Personnel

Jennifer K. Bleiholder 334-242-6129 bleiholderj@dot.state.al.us
Pat Hayslip 334-242-6126 hayslipp@dot.state.al.us
Dennis King 334-242-6534 kingd@dot.state.al.us
Stuart Manson 334-242-6976 mansons@dot.state.al.us
Kim Biddick 334-242-6712 biddickk@dot.state.al.us

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