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General Highway County Maps

General highway maps of each county are available in black line prints at one inch, half inch, and quarter inch scales. The one inch scale county maps followed by the number (2) indicates the maps are printed on two sheets. The total cost for both sheets is the same as maps consisting of one sheet.

Prices indicated on this page apply to maps that are mailed. Prices may vary slightly when maps are picked up at an ALDOT office.

one-inch = one mile $3.75
half inch= one mile $2.35
quarter inch= one mile $2.25

Data sheets with GPS points and descriptions are available for all counties.  The price is $2.75.

Click here to view the list of available county maps

Highway Maps of the State

Highway maps of the state, with or without county routes, are available in a large size (40x60) and the smaller size (20x30). The price of the maps according to size are:

Large state map $4.50
Small state map $5.50
Small state map (w/o county routes) $5.50
Large Legislative House or Senate Map $5.25
Small Legislative House Map $2.75
Small Legislative Senate Map $2.60
Large Congressional Map $5.75
Small Congressional Map $4.50
Twin trailer route map (20 x 30) $2.25

Highway Traffic Flow Maps

State traffic flow maps are available in two sizes. The larger size is 40x54 and the smaller size is 20x27. The prices of the maps according to size are:

Large traffic flow $8.75
Small traffic flow $2.85

State and County Outline Maps

State maps showing the names and outlines of the sixty-seven counties are available in the following sizes.

Large (40x60) $3.25
Medium (20x30) $2.50
Small (11x17) $2.00
Letter size (8.5x11) $2.00
Historic Roads and Trails State Map (18x24) $2.25

How to Order Maps

Click here to order County Map

Use the County Agencies Map Request Form if you are a County Agency and are paying by purchase order.

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file.

Be sure to include your street address to insure prompt and accurate delivery.

Request for maps should be addressed to:
Alabama Department of Transportation
Attn: Map Sales
1409 Coliseum Boulevard
P. O. Box 303050
Montgomery, Alabama 36110
Phone: (334) 213-2058

Payment should be check or money order payable to:

Alabama Department of Transportation

No maps will be sent C.O.D. All prices include postage and handling within the continental U.S.A. Orders outside the continental U.S.A. will be held until the requestor is notified of shipment cost and payment is received.

Maps can be picked up at Alabama Department of Transportation, 2720 West Gunter Park Drive, Montgomery, AL 36109.

Prices effective January 2013

All state and county maps are copyrighted.