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Maintenance Bureau

Permits & Operations

ALDOT Maintenance Bureau
Permits & Operations
1409 Coliseum Boulevard
Montgomery, AL 36110

Per the Code of Alabama, permits are required from ALDOT for (1) any work that is performed on the state right-of-way and (2) the installation of outdoor advertising signs.

See below for links to manuals, permit forms and contact sources to assist you in completing and submitting permit applications.

Maintenance Bureau Contacts

Robert Blankenship Asst Maintenance Bureau Chief (334) 242-6843 blankenshipr@dot.state.al.us
**Vacant** ASA II (334) 242-6287
Johnathon Roberts ROW and Access Permits (334) 242-6664 robertsj@dot.state.al.us
Stacy Swindall Outdoor Advertising Permits (334) 242-6754 swindalls@dot.state.al.us
**Vacant** CEG (334) 242-6781

Region and District Contacts

The point of initial contact when applying for a permit to work on ROW or to install an outdoor advertising sign is the local ALDOT District Office. Select one of ALDOT’s Regions from the list above. The phone numbers of the local District Offices in that Region are located in this page.

Permits for Work on ALDOT ROW

Permit Levels of Approval (2014 Edition)

Permit Manual (2009 Edition, revised May 2012)

ALDOT Access Management Manual (February 2014 Edition)

ALDOT Utility Manual link

BM-05 "Encroachment Notice and Order" (February 2015 rev)

BM-111 " Turnout Construction" (October 2015 rev)

BM-166 "Median Crossover" (October 2015 rev)

BM-174 "Bond for Performance of Work" (March 2016 rev)

MB-01 "Accommodation of Facility Utilities" (October 2015 rev)

MB-02 "Installation of Utilities" (October 2015 rev)

MB-03 "Accommodation of Utility-Type Facilities" (October 2015 rev)

MB-05 "Grading & Landscaping" (October 2015 rev)

MB-06 "Cooperative Maintenance - ROW Mowing" (May 2016 rev)

MB-06A "Cooperative Maintenance - ROW Structures" (May 2016 rev)

MB-06B "Cooperative Maintenance - ROW Mowing with Reimbursement" (May 2016 rev)

MB-07 "Installation of Drainage Structures" (October 2015 rev)

MB-08 "Municipal Special & Political Signs" (October 2015 rev)

MB-09 "County Special & Political Signs" (October 2015 rev)

MB-10 "Seismic Survey" (October 2015 rev)

MB-11 "Utility Placement of Herbicide on ROW" (November 2013 rev)

MB-12 "Underbrush and Tree Trimming" (October 2015 rev)

Special Permit "Accommodation of Facility Utilities" (October 2015 rev)

Permits for Outdoor Advertising Structures

Outdoor Advertising Law (Reflects Act 2016-301, 1 updates)
Alabama Administrative Code, Outdoor Advertising. (June 2008 rev)

Form OA-1 "Outdoor Advertising Permit Form" (May 1994 rev)
Form OA-2 "Outdoor Advertising - Tree Trimming Request" (Oct 2009 rev)
Form OA-5 "Outdoor Advertising Directional Sign Permit" (Oct 2011 rev)

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