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Maintenance Bureau


Bryan S. Orange, P.E.,
Assistant State Maintenance Engineer
1409 Coliseum Boulevard
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3050
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The Traffic Operations Section of the Maintenance Bureau is responsible for planning and coordinating the maintenance and operation of the State highway system’s traffic control devices. The Section establishes statewide purchase contracts, specifications, standards; Reviews agreements and permits and evaluates new products; Administers and coordinates the LOGO Program and special traffic projects; Provides guidance concerning the Federal MUTCD and the Department’s Standard Drawings and Specifications on traffic engineering and control devices: The Section oversees the Statewide Sign Shop’s production of over a half million signs annually and the Statewide Signal Shop’s work of testing, evaluating, and installing electronic and traffic control equipment. All this and more to promote the efficient use of public monies and the safest possible movement of traffic on the State’s Highway System.

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