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Modal Programs

Rail-Highway Safety Section

The Rail-Highway Safety Section of Modal Programs serves as a liaison between the railroads and the local ALDOT Region offices; it also provides guidance and oversight to the local Region offices, thereby ensuring the overall goals of the Department are met.

Core Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Safety Improvements
  2. Construction Projects
  3. Maintenance of the Rail Crossings Inventory
  4. Closures of Rail-Highway Crossings
  5. Invoice Processing

For more information, contact the Rail Section by phone at one of the numbers listed below or by e-mail at ALDOTRail@dot.state.al.us. When contacting by e-mail, please use the subject line to direct information to the correct person.

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Helpful Links & Other Rail Contacts

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2014 Alabama Rail Plan Summary

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Notice To Proceed -- Instructions to Railroads

Invoice Submittals -- Instructions to Railroads

Construction Plans Submittal Procedures

Rail - Highway Safety Section Brochure

2014 Alabama Railway Map Front

2014 Alabama Railway Map Back

Rail Support Personnel

Name, Title Responsibility Telephone Number(s) Email
Evelyn Pao
Transportation Manager
Rail Section Manager 334.239.5621
Clarence Hodges
Transportation Technologist, Sr.
Rail Safety Coordinator 334.353.6429 hodgesc@dot.state.al.us
Donald Lovelace
Transportation Technologist, Sr.
Section 130 Manager 334.353.6428 lovelaced@dot.state.al.us
David Nichols
Transportation Technologist
Construction (NON-130) Manager 334.353.6430 nicholsd@dot.state.al.us
Beth Cooper
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant 334.353.6406 cooperb@dot.state.al.us
Donna Lee
Engineering Assistant
Inventory/Invoices Assistant 334.353.6433 leed@dot.state.al.us