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Materials and Tests Bureau

List of Qualified Materials, Sources, and Devices

Qualified Sources

I-1 Aggregates
I-2 Portland and Blended Cement Producers
I-3 Mineral Admixtures for Portland Cement Concrete
I-4 Producers of Asphalt Products
I-5 Hot Mix Asphalt Plants
I-6 Hydrated and Quicklime
I-7 Portland Cement Concrete Producers
I-8 Pre-Cast Concrete Items
I-9 Producers of Inlet Grates and Seats for Drainage Structures and Miscellaneous Fabricated Bridge Items
I-10 Precast & Prestressed Concrete Producers
I-11 Producers of High Density Polyethylene Pipe
I-12 Deformed and Plain Steel Bar Producing Mills
I-13 Producers of Polyvinyl Chloride
I-14 Producers of Polypropylene Pipe
I-15 Cross Sonic Logging Providers
I-16 Certified Inertial Profilers
I-17 Producers of Elastromeric Bearing Pads

Approved Materials

II-1 Chemical Admixtures for Portland Cement Concrete
II-2 Pile Point Protectors
II-3 Geotextiles
II-4 Welded Shear Stud Connectors
II-5 Corrosion Resistant Dowel Bars
II-6 Hot Mix Asphalt Release Coating For Truck Beds
II-7 Epoxies for use with Portland Cement Concrete
II-8 Fiber for Flumes
II-9 Lubricant Adhesive for Elastomeric Joint Seals
II-10 Membrane for Waterproofing Bridge Decks, Joints and Cracks in Concrete Paving
II-11 Rolled and Hydraulic Erosion Control Products
II-12 Welding Electrodes (List deleted June 2009)
II-13 Joint Fillers
II-14 Improved Surfaces For Railroad Crossings
II-15 Concrete Anchoring Systems
II-16 Slotted Drain Pipe
II-17 Guardrail and Accessories
II-18 Prefabricated Drainage Mat for Edge Drain
II-19 Biodegradable, Non-toxic Bituminous Extraction Solvent
II-20 Tackifiers, Mulch Control Netting and Hydraulic Mulch Products
II-21 Nuclear Testing Devices
II-22 MSE Wall Systems
II-23 Admixtures for use in Hot Mix Asphalt
II-24 Temporary Erosion and Sediment Control Products
II-25 Detectable Warning Devices
II-26 Prefabricated Vertical Drains
II-27 Warm Mix Asphalt Products & Processes
II-28 Gravity Wall Systems
II-29 Trench Drains
II-30 Curing Compounds for Use with Portland Cement Concrete
II-31 Approved Roadside Safety Devices - Portable Barriers Impact Attenuators, End Anchors, Guiderails. & Misc


Qualified Materials

III-1 Coating Systems For Structural Steel
III-2 Patching Materials for Portland Cement Concrete
III-3 Concrete Surface Finish Coatings
III-4 Joint and Crack Sealants
III-5 Patching Material for Bituminous Concrete Pavement
III-6 Bridge Expansion Joint Systems

Approved Traffic Control Devices and Materials

IV-1 Traffic Controllers and/or Cabinets
IV-2 Individual Traffic Signal Items
IV-3 Work Zone Traffic Control Devices
IV-4 Miscellaneous Traffic Control Devices
IV-5 Breakaway Connectors for Lightweight and Bendaway and Standard or Rigid Sign Supports
IV-6  Roadway Lighting

Qualified Traffic Control Materials

V-1 Reflective Sheeting for Traffic Control
V-2 Permanent Pavement Markers, Temporary Pavement Markers, Marker Adhesives, Delineators and Hazard Markers
V-3 Temporary Traffic Marking Materials
V-4 Permanent Traffic Marking Materials
V-5 Reflective Paint for Object Safety Markings
V-6 See List V-1 for All Sheeting Effective 07-09-07
V-7 Construction Safety Fence

Approved Intelligent Transportation System Devices and Materials

VI-1** Fiber Optic Materials
VI-2 Network Devices
VI-3** Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Cabinets
VI-4** Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Devices
VI-5** Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Vehicle Detection Equipment
VI-6** Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Signs
VI-7** Motorist Information Equipment
VI-8** Miscellaneous Intelligent Transportation System Items
** To Be Developed At A Later Date