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The following are just some of the benefits available to employees with the State of Alabama's Department of Transportation. Click on the benefit for more detailed information.

ALDOT Offers

Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities

The Alabama Department of Transportation provide its workforce with opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities through various training and employee development programs. Some of these programs are: Employee Development Program, Hands-on-Rotation, Engineering Training Orientation Program, Fundamentals of Engineering/Professional Engineering Program (FE-PE Review Course), and E-Learning.

Employees are provided training through various continuing education seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Annual Leave

State employees enjoy a generous leave-earning package. The earning rate for Annual Leave depends upon the employee's length of service. The following is the Annual Leave earning rate for full-time employees:

Years of Service Earning Rate per pay period Days per year
0 - <5 years 4 hours, 20 minutes 13 days
5 - <10 years 5 hours, 25 minutes 16 days, 2 hours
10 - <15 years 6 hours, 30 minutes 19 days, 4 hours
15 - <20 years 7 hours, 35 minutes 22 days, 6 hours
20 - <25 years 8 hours, 40 minutes 26 days
25+ years 9 hours, 45 minutes 29 days, 2 hours

A maximum of 480 hours (60 days) of Annual Leave can be carried over to the following calendar year. Employees are paid for any unused Annual Leave, up to the maximum of 480 hours, upon separation from State service.

Sick Leave

Sick Leave

Regardless of the length of service, all full-time employees earn 4 hours and 20 minutes of Sick Leave per pay period (a total of 13 days per year).

A maximum of 1200 hours (150 days) of Sick Leave can be carried over to the following calendar year.

Upon retirement from the State of Alabama, an employee may be paid for one-half of the unused Sick Leave, up to a maximum of 600 hours (75 days)

"Military Leave

Military Leave

The Alabama Department of Transportation, as well as all other State agencies, supports its employees who are active members of the Alabama National Guard or Naval Militia, or of the reserve components of the U. S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard. As such, these employees are entitled to military or naval leave of absence when they are called to duty.

These Guard or Reserve member employees are entitled to up to 168 hours (21 days) of Military Leave per calendar year when called to duty in the active service of the State.


The State of Alabama observes the following legal holidays:

  • New Year's Day - January 1
  • Martin Luther King, Jr./Robert E. Lee's Birthday - 3rd Monday in January
  • Mardi Gras Day - Baldwin and Mobile Counties only*
  • George Washington/Thomas Jefferson's Birthday - 3rd Monday in February
  • Confederate Memorial Day - 4th Monday in April
  • National Memorial Day - Last Monday in May
  • Jefferson Davis' Birthday - 1st Monday in June
  • Independence Day - July 4
  • Labor Day - 1st Monday in September
  • Columbus Day - 2nd Monday in October
  • Veteran's Day - November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day - 4th Thursday in November
  • Christmas Day - December 25

*Employees in all other counties receive a Personal Leave Day in lieu of Mardi Gras Day. (See the Personal Leave Day section.)

Personal Leave Day

Personal Leave

Employees in most counties* earn a Personal Leave Day. An employee must be in pay status (working or on paid leave) as of January 1 in order to earn the Personal Day.

(*Employees in Baldwin and Mobile counties do not receive a personal day. Rather, employees in these two counties receive an additional State holiday - Mardi Gras Day. See the Holidays section.)

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

The State of Alabama provides its full-time employees with low cost health, dental, and vision care insurance upon employment.

An employee may elect to pay for the same health, dental, and vision care insurance for family members. Payments for dependent coverage are deducted automatically from the employee's paycheck. Payments are made on a monthly basis.