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High School Recruiting    

For High School Representatives

Occupational Student Trainee - General | Overview | Application |

The Occupational Student Trainee classification is aimed at High School students, specifically those in their junior or senior year. They attend regular school in the morning and work in the afternoons, Monday through Friday, usually from 1:00 until 5:00.

Students earn $8.03 per hour. The Occupational Student Trainee can work for a total of 156 days during their junior and/or senior year of high school.


  •          Application - State of Alabama Application for Employment - Form 3 
                    1.    Must be current and complete.
                    2.    Must be signed and dated.

  •          Letter of Qualification - A letter, on official school letter, from the High School Representative verifying the student is enrolled as a junior or senior in high school, is in good standing, and is eligible to work.

    The items listed above Application and Letter of Qualification, must be sent together as an application packet to  ALDOT

    Need Help? Feel free to contact Recruiting Section at 334-242-6970.