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Student Aide

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SALARY: $9.23 hourly

HOURS: Various hours within normal office hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

This is introductory work for college students in state government career programs. Employees in this class perform a variety of duties in a planned work program designed to provide skills and experience and to stimulate interest in one of the many career fields in state government. Work is performed for periods of limited duration which constitute the work experience segment of a cooperative education at a college or university. Employees work closely with technical superiors in an assigned occupational specialty (such as biology, Chemistry, etc.) or program areas (such as management and administrative services). Work usually involves participation in training and orientation sessions related to the assigned occupational specialty or program area or the organization and management of state government. Work is performed under the immediate supervision of a technical superior who assigns projects, gives preliminary instructions, and reviews work in progress and upon completion for quality and adherence to established standards.

Any one position may not include all of the duties listed, nor do the examples cover all of the duties which may be performed.)

  • Assists in the performance of a wide variety of routine tasks in personnel management, systems analysis, management methods, budget examination, program evaluation, or general administration.

  • Assists as a field and laboratory aide to geologists, engineers and technical staff in such areas as sample collection and processing and plotting maps.

  • Performs related work as assigned.


  • Considerable knowledge of English usage and grammar.

  • Ability to present ideas clearly and effectively, orally and in writing.


The Student Aide (11901) classification is for:

  • Sophomores who: (a) are enrolled in an organized work-study cooperative education program supervised by a college or university, (b) have completed 30 semester hours in a college or university, (c) are enrolled full-time, and (d) are currently accepted for further enrollment in such college or university.

  • Juniors and Seniors who: (a) have completed at least 60 semester hours in a college or university and (b) are enrolled as full-time undergraduate students.

  • Graduate Students who are enrolled full-time.


  • Employment as a Student Aide is temporary.


  • Meet all requirements of the Cooperative Education Department of their respective university/college (if the student is a Sophomore).

  • Adhere to all departmental and state merit system policies, rules and regulations.

  • Maintain satisfactory job performance and work habits in their assigned area of responsibility.