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Research and Development


Product Evaluation Section

The Product Evaluation Section is the initial point of contact for those seeking to introduce manufactured products to the Alabama Department of Transportation. This section establishes procedures for the review and evaluation of transportation related products, conducts field tests and monitors experimental projects. Oversight is provided by the Product Evaluation Board (PEB) at monthly meetings.

Key Dates

PEB Meeting Schedule - Through December 2015

Product Evaluation Section Contacts

Kidada C. Dixon, P.E.
Product Evaluation Engineer
(334) 353-6940
(334) 353-6950 FAX

MaQueshia Brown
Asst. Product Evaluation Manager
(334) 353-6940
(334) 353-6950 FAX

Joyce White
Administrative Support Assistant II
(334) 353-6940
(334) 353-6950 FAX