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Research and Development Bureau

Current ALDOT Research Projects

Project # Project Title Research Partner
930-859 Experimental Validation of Analysis Methods and Design Procedures for Steel Pile Bridge Bents Auburn
930-858 Load Rating on Bibb Graves Concrete Arch Bridge Auburn
930-856 A Safety Study of Alabama Highways – Reducing Crashes Caused by Drowsy Driving:  Focusing on Roadside Rest Areas and Drowsy Driving Warning Signs USA
930-853 Evaluation of Inlet Protection Practices Using Large-Scale Testing Techniques Auburn
930-847 Life Cycle Cost in ALDOT Infrastructure Projects UA
930-846 Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Pavement Type Selection NCAT
930-845 ALDOT Economic Sustainability UA
930-841R Monitoring the Coastal Processes in the Vicinity of Little Lagoon Pass USA
930-839R Investigation of Pile Setup (Freeze) in Alabama, Development of a Set-up Prediction Method and Implementation into LRFD Driven Pile Design – Addendum:  Pile Driving Monitoring of the Future Mobile River Bridge Project USA
930-837R Monitoring the Effects of the Birmingham Northern Beltline Construction in the Little Cahaba Creek Watershed Auburn
930-833 Evaluation of Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation Techniques to Support Aspects of Traffic Modeling UAH
930-832 Evaluation of Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) for Alabama, Phase I UAH
930-831 Agronomic Solutions for Establishment of Roadside Vegetation for Saturated Soils AU
930-828 Evaluation of In-Place Concrete Strength by Coring AU

A Study of the Effects of Pavement Widening and Rumble Strips on Two-lane Rural Highways in Alabama

930-826R Evaluation of ALDOT Ditch Check Practices Using Large-Scale Testing Techniques NCAT
930-824 Evaluation of Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) for Alabama, Phase I UAH
930-822P Accelerated Performance Testing of the 2012 NCAT Pavement Test Track NCAT
930-819 Revenue Enhancement Alternatives for the Alabama Department of Transportation Alabama
930-818 Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Center, FY 2011 Auburn
930-817 GeoGis Transition to ALDOT Alabama
930-816R GRS-IBS Implementation Assistance and Monitoring Auburn
930-814P Core Program Program Services for Highway RD&T Program - FFY 2011 (TRB FY 2012) Pooled-Fund
930-813R Design of Overhead Sign Support Structures to Mitigate Wind-Induced Fatigue Loads UAB
930-812 Load and Resistance Factor Design for Deep Foundations with Reliability Analysis and Design Method Calibration - Phase II UAH
930-809R Contraflow Evacuation Planning for I-65 in Alabama Alabama
930-808 Alabama Department of Transportation Research and Development 2011 Peer Exchange UAB
930-805 Evaluation of Asphalt Mixtures Containing Recycled Asphalt Shingles - Phase I NCAT
930-804 Evaluation of non-Tracking Hot Applied Polymerized Tack Material for Use with OGFC NCAT
930-803 Update of Bridge Design Standards for AASHTO LRFD Seismic Design Requirements Auburn
930-802 Monitoring the Effectiveness of Silane on the Bibb Graves Bridge Auburn
930-801 ALDOT Drilling & Traffic Control Services for the Highway Research Center Proposal : Evaluation of Causes of Pavement Distress in US 331 Montgomery County Auburn
930-799 Implementation of Self-Consolidating Concrete for Prestressed Applications-Phase II: Bridge Construction and In-Place Performance AL A&M
930-798 GeoGIS Phase III Alabama
930-795 Evaluation of an Asphalt Rubber Mixture in Alabama NCAT
930-794 Evaluation of ALDOT's Quality Assurance Testing Program & Pay Assessment Schedules for Asphalt Mixtures NCAT
930-793 Development of Alabama Traffic Factors for Use in Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Auburn
930-792 Introduction to M-E Design Short Course Auburn
930-791 Assessing Performance Characteristics of Sediment Basins Constructed in Franklin County, AL Auburn
930-790 Improvements of Open-Graded Friction Course in Alabama NCAT
930-789 Evaluation of Scour Potential of Cohensive Soils - Phase 2 Auburn
930-786 Vegetation Management for Alabama Right-of-Ways Auburn
930-785 Pilot Project: Retaining Walls-Inventory and Inspection UAH
930-784 Maintaining Vegetation for Long-term Erosion control on Disburbed Slopes Auburn
930-782P Technology Transfer Concrete Consortium Pooled-Fund
930-777 Mitigation of Cracking of Cast-In-Place Culverts in Alabama Auburn
930-776 Stability of Highway Bridges Subject to Scour- Phase IV Auburn
930-772 Pilot Car Driver Certification Program Alabama
930-769 Upgrade of Axially Loaded Pile Soil Modeling with the Implementation of LRFD Design Procedure UAH
930-768 Methods for Forecasting Freight in Uncertainty: Time Series Analysis of Multiple Factors UAH
930-767 Agronomic Solutions for Establishment of Roadside Vegetation Auburn
930-766 Development of an Integrated Economic, Land Use, and Transportation Forecasting Model for the State of Alabama Auburn
930-765 FY 2009, Technology Transfer Program for Local Transportation Agencies in Alabama Auburn
930-764 Field Control and Performance of Asphalt Mixtures Containing Greater Than 25 Percent Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement NCAT
930-763P Superpave Regional Center, Southeastern Region NCAT
930-762 Rapid Replacement of Bridge Decks-Phase V: Laboratory Evaluation of Deck Systems Auburn
930-761 Development of a Ride Quality Smoothness Specification and Technology Evaluation Program at the NCAT Pavement Test Track NCAT
930-760P AASHTO Technical Service Programs AASHTO
930-759P HY-8 Culvert Analysis Program - Phase Three of Development Efforts FHWA
930-758 Pavement Condition Model Based on Automated Pavement Distress Surveys NCAT
930-755 Evaluation of Driver Perceptions and Safety Impacts of Innovative Use of Internally Illuminated, Raised Pavement Markers Auburn
930-754P 2009 NCAT Pavement Test Track NCAT
930-752P TIG, NTPEP and APEL Technical Service Programs AASHTO
930-751 Techniques for Establishing Vegetation for Long-term Erosion Control on Disturbed Slopes Auburn
930-748 Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Center, Alabama Technology Transfer Program Auburn
930-747P Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Software Product AASHTO
930-746P Standard Test Procedure for Travel Time Data Quality Assessment Auburn
930-745S FRP Strengthening of Continuous RC Bridge-Letohatchee, Alabama Auburn
930-742 Bridge Deficiency Metric Refinement: Longer-Term Planning for State- and Locally- Owned Bridges Alabama & UTCA
930-741 Evaluation of Public Private Partnership Proposals Alabama
930-740P Recycled MaterialsResourceCenter FHWA
930-738 Implementation of Self-Consolidating Concrete for Prestressed Applications-Phase I: Girder Fabrication and Pre-Erection Performance Auburn
930-737 Evaluation of Thermal Segregation NCAT
930-734 Bridge Health Monitoring Applications Auburn
930-729P Wave Force Response of Bridge Superstructures FHWA
930-726 Rapid Replacement of Bridge Decks - Phase IV: Structural Performance of I-59 Pilot Deck Systems Auburn
930-725 Rapid Replacement of Bridge Decks - Phase III: Rapid Deck Replacement on I-59 sister Test Bridge at Collinswille, AL Auburn
930-722R Feasibility Study Guidelines for Public Private Partnership Projects Alabama
930-721 Work Zone Lane Closure Analysis Model

930-718 Plastic Pipe for Highway Construction Auburn
930-717 Warm Mix Asphalt Field Study NCAT
930-715 Refinement of the Bond Strength Procedure & Investigation of a Specification NCAT
930-710 Investigation of Recycled Asphalt Pavement and Recycled Shingle Pavement Characterization Procedure & Development of Specification for Recycled Asphalt Pavement NCAT
930-707P Traffic Analysis and Simulation FHWA
930-705 LTAP 2007 Program Auburn
930-703 Development of Multimedia Resource and Short Courses for LRFD Design UAH
930-692P Updating US Precipitation Frequency Estimates National Weather Service and others
930-691P Latin America Trade and Transportation Study AND Institute for Trade and Transportation Studies MsDOT
930-690P Long-Term Maintenance of Load and Resistance Factor Design Specifications IowaDOT
930-689P Improving Resilient Modulus (MR) Test Procedures for Unbound Materials FHWA
930-688S Evaluation of High-Performance Drilled Shaft Concrete on the B.B. Comer Bridge Auburn
930-685 Guidance for M-E Pavement Design Implementation Auburn
930-684 AASHTO Transportation System Preservation Technical Service Program (TSP2) AASHTO
930-683 Design of Overhead Sign Structures for Fatigue Loads UAB
930-678 Vegetation Management for Alabama’s Highway Rights of Way Auburn
930-677 2006 Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Center, Alabama Technology Transfer Program Auburn
930-676P Development of Retrofit Options for Bridges Vulnerable to Coastal Storms FHWA
930-670 Development of Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model to Evaluate Lane Reversal Plans for I-65 UAB
930-669 Feasibility of Developing a Pilot Car Training and Certification Program in Alabama Alabama
930-668S Aging Infrastructure Center to Excellence Alabama
930-667P Axial Load Testing of Drilled Shaft Foundations Auburn
930-663P Consortium of Accelerated Pavement Testing (CAPT) and Technical Exchange Partnership FHWA
930-662A Alabama Bridge Management System Plus Phase II: A Budget Cost & Condition Sensitivity Analysis Tool Alabama
930-661 Bridge Health Monitoring Metrics: Updating the Bridge Deficiency Algorithm Alabama
930-658P One Coat Paint System for a Lifetime of Corrosion Protection on New Steel Bridges ConnDOT
930-655 Development of a Test Facility to Evaluate the Optimal Design of BMPs for Managing Environmental Problems at Construction Sites Auburn
930-649 Updating the School Bus Standard Vehicle for Load Rating Alabama Bridges Alabama
930-647 GeoGIS Phase II Alabama
930-646M Driver Reaction at Railroad Crossings Alabama
930-645 Evaluation of Horizontal Cracking in Bridge Decks Auburn
930-641P AASHTO Technology Improvement Group (TIG) Program Voluntary Contribution AASHTO
930-640P Transportation Library Connectivity FHWA/WI
930-639P Pavement Preservation Technology Transfer Among Southeast States NCDOT
930-637P Accelerated Performance Testing on the 2006 NCAT Pavement Test Track NCAT
930-635 An Evaluation of the Benefits of the Alabama Service and Assistance Patrol Auburn
930-628M An Approach to Developing and Evaluating the Economic Impact of Rural Public Transportation in Alabama Counties AL A&M
930-627M Vehicle Fleet Database and Asset Management Project UAH
930-626M Evaluation of Alabama's Section 5310 and Section 5311 Subrecipients to Ensure FTA Compliance UAH
930-625M Statewide Implementation of the Mobility Information Management System (MIMS) UAH
930-622 Development and Presentation of a Roadway and Roadside Design Course Auburn
930-617P Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center(HITEC) Studies CERF
930-615P Refinement and Field Validation of Mix Design Criteria for 4.75mm Mixes NCAT
930-613 Implementation Pilot Study of Wireless Drive-By Network (WDBN) Sensing Technology for Highway Bridge Integrity Monitoring UAB
930-607 Development of Cost-Effective VARTM Technology for Repair and Hardening - Design Method and Specification for ALDOT Contractor - Phase I UAB
930-602 Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) in Prestressed Girders Auburn
930-601 Repair of Cracked Prestressed Concrete Girders, I-565 Auburn
930-598 ALDOT Pavement Management System Review Alabama
930-595P Accelerated Loading Pavement Study NCAT
930-591P Geotechnical Procedures Manual FHWA
930-570P Long Term Maintenance of Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Specifications FHWA
930-552P Advanced Research of an Image Analysis System for Hardened Concrete MoDOT
930-551 A New Approach to Assessing Road User Charges
930-550P Assessment of the Impacts of Alternate Fuels to theTrust Fund AASHTO
930-538P Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Specific Pavement Study Traffic Data FHWA
930-510 Development of HMA Moisture Susceptibility Test for Alabama NCAT
930-508P Advanced Research of an Image Analysis for Hardened Concrete MoDOT
930-501R Smart/ Innovative Concrete Pedestrian Bridge Research using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Tendons - Rebars and Integrated Fiber Optic Sensors - Phase V AL A&M