Special Programs is a section located within the Transportation Planning and Modal Programs at the Alabama Department of Transportation. The Special Programs Section administers the Bicycle & Pedestrian Program, the Transportation Community & System Preservation Pilot Program , and the new Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). TAP replaces the Transportation Enhancement (TE) and Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Programs. Many of the past TE and SRTS activities are still eligible under TAP.

Special Programs Support Personnel
Rebecca Fulks Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator (334)353-6439 fulksr@dot.state.al.us
Robert "Bob" Kratzer Special Programs Manager (334)353-6442 kratzerr@dot.state.al.us
Corean Johnson Administrative Support Assistant (334)353-6438 johnsoncor@dot.state.al.us
Tina Milton Environmental Coordinator (334)353-6441 miltont@dot.state.al.us
Jason Phelps Engineering Assistant (334)353-6430 phelpsj@dot.state.al.us