ALDOT Standard Specifications and General Application Special Provisions

2018 Standard Specifications for Highway Construction Book

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Section Number Title
106.01(b) Clearances and Acknowledgements for the Use of Offsite Areas
106.01(c) Operation of Offsite Pits and Waste Areas
107.09 Construction Over or Adjacent to Waters of the United States
107.12 Protection and Restoration of Property, Landscape and Utility Facilities
107.13 Woodland Protection, Conservation, Abatement of Water Pollution and Quarantine Regulations
107.14 Responsibility for Damage Claims
107.21 Stormwater Management
107.22 Environmental Protection and Spill Prevention
107.23 Temporary Construction Encroachment into Streams, Water Bodies and Wetlands
107.24 Permits for Pesticide Application
108.04 Prosecution of Work
201.03 Clearing and Grubbing.
205.03 Removal and Relocation of Structures
206.04 Disposal of Materials
210.03 Excavation and Embankment
250.03 Removal of Underground Storage Tanks and Contaminated Soil
521.04 Blast Cleaning, Mechanical Cleaning and Surface Roughness
521.05 Containment System for Removal of Coating from Existing Bridge
521.06 Collection and Disposal of Coating Material Waste from Existing Bridge
521.07 Surface Preparation Plan Submittal for the Removal of Existing Coatings
521.08 Final Cleaning of Blast Cleaned Surfaces
521.14 Worker Protection
524.03(a)2 Water Quality Protection
534 Cleaning Existing Drainage Structures
650 Topsoil
652 Ground Preparation, Vegetation Establishment and Mowing
654 Solid Sodding
656 Mulching for Vegetation Establishment
659 Rolled and Hydraulic Erosion Control Products
665 Temporary Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
666 Pest Control
668 Pre-Emergent Herbicide Treatment
669 Post-Emergent Herbicide Treatment
672 Stormwater Turbidity Control
810 Geotextiles
814 Riprap Materials
860.01 Seed
860.03 Mulching Material
860.05 Solid Sod
860.11 Rolled and Hydraulic Erosion Control Products