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The CADD Support Group of the Design Services Section has the primary responsibility of providing development, implementation, and management of engineering training, automation, and support activities that relate to ALDOT plans design and production.. The CADD Support Group, along with the Systems Operation Section, has the responsibility of creating, maintaining, and implementing the ALDOT CADD Standards and ALDOT CADD Resources so that we may attain our goal of creating the most productive and efficient use of the investment that the Department has made in software and hardware for engineering. The staff of the CADD Support Group is available to all ALDOT agencies and sections for training, troubleshooting, and project assistance, whenever, wherever, and to whomever it is needed.

CADD Support Personnel

Last Name First Name Position Phone E-mail Address
Gresham Robert CADD Support Coordinator (334) 242-6801
Manning Vickie Training Coordinator (334) 242-6428


It is the intent of ALDOT to provide a downloadable workspace containing the current CADD Resources for MicroStation and InRoads.
The Cadd Resources are contained within these resources through two main resources; the ALDOT XIN and ALCAD. Use of the XIN in SS4 Survey and SS2 InRoads ensures preferences and features in surfaces and geometry are Cadd compliant. ALCAD is the automated drafting Cadd standards which pre-sets all of the Cadd standard attributes to features, cells, text, and patterning required for Cadd compliance drafting by ALDOT. Because these two resources automate the Cadd standards, no Cadd Standards manual shall be produced. The flexibility of the workspace allows ALDOT's Cadd standards to grow with changes and rapidly update these resources
to all performing work for ALDOT.

The below listed resources should be checked periodically for revision updates.

The published versions of the ALDOT CADD RESOURCES are as follows:

Current Version of MicroStation and InRoads for designs in InRoads SS2:
MicroStation V8i (SELECT series 3) Version
InRoads Suite V8i (SELECT series 2) Version

Current Version of MicroStation and InRoads for surveys in InRoads SS4:
MicroStation V8i (SELECT series 3) Version
InRoads Suite V8i (SELECT series 4) Version



ALDOT CADD Resources Installation.doc     ALDOT_Resources.exe

The current ALDOT XIN found in the resources is the same for both versions of InRoads.

The Current Revision Date of the Cadd Resources: 07 June 2017

ALDOT Preliminary OpenRoad Resources Zip



Beginning 01, Feb 2016, all new surveys and projects with letting dates after the July 2016 letting should be converted to the new resources. This applies mainly to surfaces, surface features, and geometry files. Graphics displayed in plans already do not have to be converted unless they are displayed surface features. Projects in gray areas, such as those completed but the letting date pushed out, or those projects which need to remain on the current resources because of time constraints, shall be treated on a case to case basis as directed by the appropriate competent authority.

All new projects, or projects Plan-In-Hand or below, should utilize the new resources.

All new surveys shall use the new resources and processed in SS4.

For assistance in converting surfaces, surface features, and geometry files, contact the ALDOT CADD Support staff.

For assistance with the new resources or ALCAD, contact the ALDOT CADD Support staff.

General Workflows and Tasks

ALDOT 11x17 New Borders MicroStation V7 (updated 1/4/12)
ALDOT 11x17 New Borders (updated 1/4/12)
Generating Electronic Data for Takeoff Purpose (Please read disclaimer!)
Typical ALDOT Template Library Point and Component Names(updated 05/08/13)
ALDOT TCP Notes (English)

Resource Library

ALDOT Guidelines for Operations (Updated 11/21/2018)

2010 Alabama Census
Grade Book Report
Historical Alabama Maps
National Highway System Maps
Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate File
Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate File (Metric)
Unique Item Lists

No warranty, expressed or implied, is made by Alabama Department of Transportation as to the accuracy of the material in these pages, nor shall the fact of distribution constitute any such warranty, and responsibility is not assumed by ALDOT in connection therewith. These pages are for the guidance of design engineers, technicians, and inspection personnel engaged in roadway design, plan preparation, and construction for ALDOT. These are prepared to encourage uniform application of design and standard details in plan preparation of roadways and other related facilities.

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