Environmental Clearance, Authorization and Permitting

Documentation maintenance is a requirement of all environmental clearances, authorizations and permits that govern ALDOT activities. Resources assigned to the tasks associated with this environmental measure will likely rely on other offices and bureaus as they fulfill the goals of the measure. For this reason, documentation of policies and processes are critical.

This measure includes responsibility for some or all of the following activities for each area of required environmental clearance, authorization or permit coverage.

  • Physical creation and submittal of documents required for coverage or approval
  • Required agency coordination
  • Internal communication of responsibilities associated with the environmental clearance, authorization or permit coverage
  • Monitoring of coverage expiration
  • Coverage renewal or reevaluation when required
  • Internal data compilation and external data reporting
  • Providing guidance and direction for internal actions and the development and maintenance of supporting documents (including but not limited to stream and wetland mitigation banking, environmental assessments and impact statements, Construction Best Management Practices Plans, the Stormwater Management Program Plan, and other required best practices and measures plans)

Areas of required environmental clearance, authorization or permit coverage are listed as Tasks and include the following.

  • NPDES MS4,NPDES Construction Discharge(Transportation facilities, including geotechnical investigation)
  • NPDES Construction Discharge(support facilities construction)
  • NPDES Construction Discharge(offsite waste, borrow and staging areas related to facility construction)
  • NPDES Construction Discharge(utility relocation related to ALDOT facility contruction)
  • NPDES Construction Discharge(permitted activity on ALDOT ROW)
  • NPDES Construction Discharge(applicable transportation facility maintenance operations)
  • NPDES Transportation Facility Post Construction Discharge (Including non storm water discharge from Rest Areas/Welcome Centers and Tunnel Sumps)
  • NPDES Pesticide Application
  • NEPA Documents, Clean Water Act Section 404(nationwide and individual permitting), Fish and Wildlife Taking, TVA, FERC/Alabama Power
  • Waste Certifications, UST Closure notifications
  • FEMA Coordination, Coast Guard Permit
  • Region/District Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Plans
  • Central Office Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Plans
  • Airport Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Plans
  • Drinking water supply (well) for 1-10 Welcome Center in Baldwin County

Tasks Resources:

Aeronautics Bureau, ALDOT Contractor, ALDOT Permittee, Assistant Chief Engineer, Bridge Bureau, Design Bureau,
Media and Community Relations Bureau, Materials and Tests Bureau, Maintenance Bureau, Environmental Coordination,
Region Office, Southwest Region Maintenance, and Utility Owner