Miscellaneous Properties Management

Real property owned by ALDOT may include that which accommodates transportation facilities (roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, rest areas), support facilities (offices, shops, grounds, tunnel complex) and miscellaneous properties. Miscellaneous properties may have been secured in the past due to abandonment or takings for facility construction or as a result of environmental issues. These properties must be managed just as any other ALDOT property in terms of environmental policy, permitting and compliance. Specific and general miscellaneous properties are listed below as Tasks.


  • Coliseum Boulevard Plume (CBP) compliance management
  • CBP Kilby Ditch and Southwest Area property management
  • CBP Equipment Maintenance and Site Security
  • Prichard Tract 92 property management
  • ALDOT Stream and Wetland Mitgation Bank administration and property management
  • Other miscellaneous properties

Tasks Resources: Design Bureau, Region Office, Equipment Bureau and Materials & Tests Bureau