Organizational Environmental Management

ALDOT utilizes an Environmental Management System (EMS) to coordinate and improve how it addresses its environmental responsibilities in a comprehensive, systematic, planned, and documented manner. The EMS is structured to reflect and promote ALDOT’s environmental policy in support of ALDOT’s mission. The focus and goals of the EMS are driven by the priorities of ALDOT leadership and representative input from all areas of ALDOT operations.

EMS efforts are led by the ALDOT Office of Environmental Coordination and the ALDOT EMS Committee. The ALDOT EMS Committee is comprised of representatives of various ALDOT bureaus, offices and areas of function and is broken down into subcommittees based on operational areas.


  • Provide briefing and seek input from ALDOT leadership.
  • Facilitate the work of the EMS Committee and EMS Subcommittees.
  • Maintain the EMS Manual.
  • Provide guidance and input for ALDOT environmental management measures.

Tasks Resources: Environmental Coordination and EMS Committee