Post Construction Discharge Monitoring, Reporting, and Record Keeping

ALDOT has a responsibility to monitor storm water runoff originating offsite and flowing onto ALDOT property as well as runoff originating on and flowing from ALDOT property. In many cases, the constituents of both storm water run on and storm water runoff must be determined.

ALDOT is also required to perform dry weather screening in an effort to discover illicit discharges to ALDOT property. If pollutants are discovered to have been discharged to ALDOT property, the finding must be reported internally as well to ADEM. If it is determined that pollutants originating on ALDOT property are being carried from the propertyby storm water or entering a Water of the state, ALDOT must work to identify and address the cause.

General visual inspection is required by all employees who may have the opportunity to notice storm water receipt or discharge. Specified monitoring is required as a condition of the ALDOT MS4 permit.


  • Create, maintain and communicate monitoring and characterization policies
  • Execute policy, quality control, internal reporting related to monitoring
  • Execute policy, quality control, internal reporting related to characterization
  • Compliance assurance

Tasks Resources: Regions Office, Maintenance Bureau, Materials and Tests Bureau and Environmental Coordination