Public Notice: Widening of CR-29 & Bridge Replacement over Cahaba River

Public Notice of Availability of Environmental Assessment for Project Number STPBH-5939(200), Widening CR-29 (Caldwell Mill Road/Camp Horner Road) and replacing the bridge over the Cahaba River.

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vicinity map

The Comment period for this project has closed.

The purpose of this project is to improve existing roadway deficiencies – including the vertical and horizontal alignment, roadway cross-section and bridge replacement. Once completed, CR-29 will be a three-lane facility from SR-119 (Cahaba Valley Road), crossing CR-17 (Valleydale Road) to Acton Road.


The project is located in the cities of Hoover and Vestavia Hills. It begins in Shelby County and extends 1.5 miles northwest along CR-29/CR-1277 (Caldwell Mill Road/Camp Horner Road) into Jefferson County. The project begins approximately 50’ south of the intersection at Heatherwood Drive/Crossings Crest, Shelby County and ends approximately 500’ south of the intersection at Acton Road, Jefferson County. The proposed widening and improvements of Caldwell Mill Road/Camp Horner Road (CR-29/CR-1277) would provide a 3-lane roadway (1 lane in each direction and a center 2-way left turn lane) and sidewalk on the east side of the roadway. The existing bridge over the Cahaba River will be widened, realigned, and lengthened. Right-of-Way acquisition is required.

The Comment period for this project has closed.

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