ALDOT Construction Best Management Practices Plan (CBMPP) ALDOT CBMPP Template

LPA CBMPP Template - Instructions added 04/13/2012

LPA CBMPP Template - Section III b - Section VIII added 12/30/2015

LPA CBMPP Template  added 04/13/2012

CBMPP Instructions - revision date 12/30/2015

ALDOT CBMPP Template - revision date 12/30/2015

Section IIIb - Section V III - revision date 03/06/2015

ALDOT CBMPP Video - Added 1/11/10

For the 2-yr storm and monthly rainfall:

Click on the State of Alabama to open the hyperlink:

It will open another window. Click on your county on the map that appears. On the next screen, in the menu tree to the left, expand "Section I" then "G Engineering References", then "Engineering Field Handbook", then click " EPH AL SUPPLEMENTChapter 02".

The NRCS completed the interpolation for all of the 24-hr maps, plus average monthly rainfall for the center of each county.

For the other 2-year frequency storms use Hydro-35, TP 40 and 49:

For the soils map:

NPDES Permit and Notice of Registration Information