Nicholas Franklin, P. E.
Stormwater Engineer
Suite: T-241
1409 Coliseum Blvd.
Montgomery, AL 36110
Phone: (334)242-6071
Fax: (334)353-6555

Post-Construction Design Guidance Regulations
GFO 3-73 Post- Construction ADEM Admin Code r.335-6-x-.xx (see 335-6-12 for NPDES)
Small Storm Runoff Calculations  
Flood Risk Assessment  
HYD-100 Form Construction Permitting Resources
HYD-101 Form ADEM Construction General Permit
Alabama Low Impact Development (LID) Handbook ALDOT NPDES Permitting Instructions for Construction Projects

NPDES Permit Requirement Flowchart
Stormwater Management System ADEM Construction and Maintenance Discussion
            o Entering Project Data through the Web ALDOT Construction Best Management Practices Plan (CBMPP)
            o Entering Project Data through CPMS  
  Erosion and Sediment Control Design

Alabama Handbook for Erosion Control, Sediment Control &
Stormwater Management on Construction Sites & Urban Areas
Go to Environmental Coordination NOAA Precipitation Frequency Data Server
Soil Survey Maps
ESC Plan Template (dgn)
ALDOT ESC Project Notes
Sediment Reduction Calculations
Priority Waters    Updated 2/2018  
Approved TMDL's  
Alabama 303d List of Impaired Waters  
Priority Waters (reference files)

Name Title Phone Email Address
Franklin, Nicholas Stormwater Engineer (334) 242-6071
Flowers, Terry Stormwater Permit Coordinator (334) 242-6927
Meadows, Caitlin S. Stormwater Design Engineer (334) 242-6297
Murry, Lindia Stormwater Coordinator (334) 242-6296
Slaughter, Susan Stormwater Coordinator (334) 242-6708