The Rail-Highway Safety Section serves as a liaison between the Railroads operating within Alabama and the Region offices.

Core Areas of Responsibility

  • Safety Improvements
  • Construction Projects
  • Invoice Processing
  • Closures of Rail-Highway Crossings
  • Maintenance of Rail Crossings Inventory

Oretha D. Clemons, Rail Programs Manager

Rail-Highway Safety Section Personnel

Rebecca "Becky" Cox Transportation Technologist (334) 242-6670
Clarence Hodges Transportation Technologist, Sr. (334) 242-6235
Donna Lee Engineering Assistant, III (334) 242-6234
Donald Lovelace Transportation Technologist, Sr. (334) 242-6964
William C. Jayroe Engineering Assistant (334) 242-6170

Helpful Information

  • FRA Crossing Inventory and Accident Reports
  • Report Blocked Crossings
    (Disclaimer: Report problem or emergency to railroad by calling the number posted on the emergency sign at the crossing. This link is being provided by the Alabama Public Service Commission in connection with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) in efforts to track block crossing occurrences.)

Railroad Crossing Locator Apps