The following method can be used to create a cross section grade book report:

Create a merged surface composed of design and subgrade. The merged section for the gradebook is shown in solid lines below. When you merge the subgrade surface into the design surface the result will be the line shown below marked "subgrade surface". The points that have a circle symbol will be deleted.


From the Design Surface palette, choose Merge Surfaces and set Original Surface: design, Design Surface: subgrade, Target Surface: default. Uncheck all boxes and choose Apply.

Cut cross-sections along the alignment using surfaces ground and default. Turn on the creation of the xsec.dba under reports on the Cross-Section dialog.

Select Utilities > Reports > General.

Specify xsec.dba as the DBAaccess Library and select CROSS_SEC_GRADEBOOK for the metric report.

Specify the binary report file that was created when running the extracting cross-sections. On the Cross-Section command choose Setup > Report and turn on the DB Access Report and put it in your startup directory. For this lab the name of the file was cross.bin Change report at: all points.

Apply, compare the screen report with the ASCII file.