The mission of the Office of Homeland Security is to secure the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT). Specifically, the office is responsible for the sustainment, security and survival of ALDOT’s assets including employees, buildings and infrastructure. It assists with the prevention, protection, response, recovery and mitigation of the effects of an all hazards incident whether natural or man-made and regardless of magnitude. Primary responsibilities include the department’s Continuity of Operations Plan, coordination of the National Incident Management System, employee training to heighten levels of awareness for personal, departmental and infrastructure protection and to serve as a liaison to the US Department of Homeland Security, the Alabama Department of Homeland Security and the Alabama Fusion Center. The Office reports directly to the Assistant Chief Engineer for Administration in the Office of the Chief Engineer.

Bob McWhorter, Director

ALDOT Office of Homeland Security
Office:(334) 353-6221
Fax:(334) 353-6218

Angela Stokes, Administrative Assistant

Office:(334) 353-6219