LPA Links, Forms, and Downloads
ALDOT Construction Manual
ALDOT Project Letting
As Build Plans Worksheet Generic
Bid Order Form
Bureau of Office Engineer Form List
Construction Forms
Fuel Indices
General Contractors Licensing Board
Highway Construction Certified DBEs
Pre-qualified Contractors List
Tax Form W-9
Unique Item List English
2008 Bridge Pocket Construction Guide
2016 Fuel Cost Index - Thru March
Agreement to Move Items
AC and Air Voids
Asphalt Index Summary
Erosion Control Inspection
Job Mix Template
Material Density Direct Read
Material Density Report
Material Depth
Blasting Notice SC Model
Debris on Private Property SC Model
Demolition Model SC Model
Field Density Test Report SC Model
Percent Comp Nuclear DR SC Model
Percent Comp Nuclear SC Model
Soil Analysis Plasticity
Soil Chart Lbs Lime Req LF of Rdwy
Soil Compaction
Soil Gen Test Report Non Spec
Soil Hydrometer Worksheet
Soil Lime Stabilization
Soil Rate of Spread and Pulverization
Soil Rate Spread Pulverization Lime
Soil Vibrated Compaction
Soil Sieve Analysis
2010 Fuel Cost Index
Acceptance Small Quan Materials
Contractor Concurrence
Co-Permittee Agreement Contractor Cert
Daily Safety Report SC Model
Disposition of Materials Failing to Meet Specs SC Model
Distribution of Payment
Final Acceptance Railroad Grade Signal Project
Letter of Certification SC Model
Material Sampling and Testing SC Model
Material Certification SC Model
Notice of Claim
Permission to Grade Outside ROW SC Model
Preconstruction Checklist SC Model
Req for Road Maintenance SC Model
Testing with Nuclear Gage SC Model
Wage Regulation Report SC Model
ALDOT Publications General
ADPH Safe Routes to School Link
Operations Guidelines
Analysis of Traffic Marking Materials
Bituminous Material Cert Compliance
Calibration Truck-mtd Water Meters
Evaluate SC doc New Prod Eval Form
Materials and Tests Bureau
Material Sources Devices Requirements
Notify Delay Shpmts Traffic Marking Materials
Receipt of Radioactive Materials
Summary of Tests
Traffic Control Plan
Workzone Traffic Control
FHWA - Time Measurement
Notice to Proceed 48 CFR 836.213
Certification and Inspection of Concrete Pipe
Concrete Placing Daily Report Concrete
Concrete Prestress Tensioning Worksheet
Minimum Sample
Plant Checklist Monthly
Plant Checklist
Sieve Analysis for Concrete
Slope Mat Sieve Analysis
State Project w CP Stimulus SC Model
Trans Fed Aid Project wo CP ARRA
Trans Fed Aid Project w CP
Trans State Project w CP SC Model
Trans State Project wo CP SC Model
Trans State Project wo CP Stimulus SC Model
Transmittal Subcon Haul Fed Aid wo CP
Transmittal Subcon Haul Request
Transmittal Subhauler Req Fed Aid w CP
Consultant Listing as of 3/20/2013
Alabama Ethics Act, effective September 1, 2015
Alabama Ethics Commission
Architect Engineer Selection Procedure
Estimate Template for Architectural Agreements
Estimate Template for Bridge Design Agreements
Invoice (Form F-25) Instructions
Consultant Agreement
Consultant Concurrence Req Form
ALDOT Letting Special Notice to Contractors
Alabama Immigration Law
Beason-Hammon Protection Act
Gross Receipts Tax Update 2012
Violations of Work Authorization Rule
Cover Nov 2015
Title, Contacts, and USDOT Disclaimer Nov 2015
Development Staff Nov 2015
ADA Accessibility Guidelines – ADA.gov
ADA Discrimination Notice
ADA Policy and Complaint Procedure
2016 Contractor Compliance Update
2016 Affirmative Action Update
ALDOT On-the-Job-Training (OJT)
ALDOT Title VI Implementation Plan
Bicycle Pedestrian Information
Color Plotting Legend Pavement
Consultant Hire
Draft 2011 Alabama Ethics Act
Earthwork Estimates
FHWA Policy Memoranda
Financing Federal Aid Highway
NEPA 1969 (Act)
NEPA and Project Development (FHWA Guidelines)
Public Involvement Techniques
Statement of Non-discrimination
Recreational Trails Program
Title 23 CFR Highways
Title 23 USC Highways
Title 49 CFR Transportation
Title 49 USC Transportation
Traffic Signal Checklist
Value Engineering Policy Update
Value Engineering 23 CFR 627
A-E Uniform Audit and Accounting Guide
Disclosure Statement
Preliminary Cost Estimates
Summary Form Estimated Cost US
Technician Certification
Vendor Application
ALDOT Pre-qualification
ALDOT Contractor Compliance Program - 2016 Update
Federal Aid Project Notice 2012
State Comptroller - Alabama Immigration Law (Letter)
Affirmative Action Statement EEO
Bid Package ARRA TE Proj Checklist
Bond Form Payment Labor Materials
Construction Award Concurrence Request
Construction Contract Information
Instruction to Bidders ARRA
LPA Checklist
LPA Project Planning Report No. 2
Project Planning Report No. 1
Statement of Signature Authenticity
Best Practices Small Scale Fed Aid Projects, NCHRP Report.
Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality
Congestion Mitigation Provisions (SAFETEA-LU)
Federal Aid Process Powerpoint
Highway Safety Improvement Program
LPA Comment Form
Metropolitan Planning Program
Other FHWA MAP-21 Fact Sheets
Outdoor Advertising Application
Recreational Trails Program (SAFETEA-LU)
Safe Routes to School
Statewide Planning and Research
Surface Transportation Program (STP)
Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)
Transportation Community System Preservation (TCSP) (SAFETEA-LU)
Transportation Enhancement (SAFETEA-LU)
Transportation Improvements (SAFETEA-LU)
LPA Application and Financial History
Example Certification Letter
Office Engineers Approval Letter
Contract Form
LPA Closeout Checklist
Notice to Contractors Federal Aid Projects
Performance Review Summary
Proposal Form - Federal Aid Project
LPA Project Evaluation Review
FHWA Payroll Requirements
FHWA Contract Regulations Form 1273
Payroll Form - General Use - Utah DOT
Project Acceptance
Project Closeout
Prompt Payment Act
Prompt Payment Final Rule
Prompt Payment Final Rule Pt 2
Certification Qualification Agreement (typical)
Contract Schedule Proposal Sheet 2
Concurrence Form
Alabama Counties & Cities Information
ALDOT Project Letting Information
Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM)
Alabama Road Builders Association
Alabama State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors
American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officals (AASHTO)
ARRA 2009
Association of County Engineers in Alabama
Association of County Commissions of Alabama
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Historical Maps of Alabama Counties
Industrial Access
Safety Programs
State of Alabama Employee Phone Directory
State 5-Year Work Program
Alabama Local Public Agency (LPA) Projects
Illinois Local Agency Programs
FHWA Authorization - Iowa document
LPA Talking Points - Training Prpt
General Information - Timelines
Office of Inspector General Audit Report 2011
Consultant Manual Dev Plans
County Bureau
County Procedural Guidelines
Bridge Inspection Data
Bridge Inspection Training
Bridge Inspection/County Road Maint
Association of County Engineers
Association of County Commissioners
Alabama League of Municipalities
DBE Goal Setting Methods FY2011
Calculation of DBE Goals
DBE Utilization Plan Form OE-110
Best Management Practices
CADD Standards
Consultant Guide to Dev Const Plans
Construction Memoranda
Corridor Study Cost Estimates 2009
Details Excel Metric
Design Approval Secondary Road System Location
Drawings Excel Index
Location Information Field Party
Location Information Office
Pavement Condition Data Collection
Preliminary and Final Design Policy
Prelim Engineering Est Cost US
PSE Package Approval Request
Standard Specifications for Highway
Structural LRFD Update
ADA Accessibility Guidelines – US Access Board
ALDOT 2011 Noise Policy and Guidance
Construction BMP
Floodplain Encroachment
Environmental Construction Section
Title 23 USC Highways [FHWA site]
Industrial Access
Permit Manual
House Moving Application
House Moving License Application
Multiple Trip Application
Oversize and Weight Permitting
Single Trip Application
Straight Truck Application
Wideload Application
Commercial Entrance
Escrow Account Setup
Grad Land State ROW
Herbicide State ROW
Install Drainage Public ROW
Maintenance of Public ROW Structures
Maintenance of Public ROW
Median Crossover
Outdoor Advertising No. 2
Permit Amendment
Private Entrance
Seismic Survey on State ROW
Update Request Escrow
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan SC Model
NOI Stormwater Discharge SC Model
ALDOT Roadway Design Section link
Roadway Plans Preparation Manual
2008 Unique Pay Items US
2008 Unique Pay Items Metric
Location Survey Requirements
Uniform Act 42 USC Part 61
Uniform Act Final Rule 42 CFR Part 24
Relocation Assistance Manual
Contractor Submittal Letter
Instructions to Bidders - TE
LPA Compliance
Recreational Trails
Standard Bid Package - TE
Transportation Systems Management (TSM)
Utililty Agreement Model
Utililty Agreement SC Model
Utility Field Dailly Diary SC Model