Alabama Department of Transportation GIS

The Geographic Information and Linear Referencing Systems (GIS/LRS) Data Management and GIS Support section is under the Maintenance Bureau at the Alabama Department of Transportation. The section is responsible for the continued development and update of the Enterprise Geographic Information System (EGIS) with the use of consultants to include Esri Roads and Highways (R&H) LRS platform, Road Inventory System, Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS), traffic monitoring data collection system and other respective applications. The section also provides in-house training for new GIS users in the planning area. Bureaus, regions and areas of the department coordinate with shared databases to ensure accuracy and prevent duplicated information. Aerial Photography is acquired and utilized in Transportation Planning projects. By implementing and conducting a "Requirements Analysis", goals and objectives are determined, problems and redundancies are resolved, and organizational issues, application needs, and other related issues are addressed to include the continuation of the development of a GIS and Integration System in order to provide a platform for all services in a geospatial information environment to be implemented. Comprehensive system architecture designs are developed to determine the linkage between databases and applications. Rural and urban mapping operations are performed to provide reliable, accurate, legible and current maps for all counties within the state. The general highway maps display all cartographic information needed in connection with major goals in planning activities; a State map for general purposes and public distribution is prepared at a convenient scale; Special maps, graphic illustrations and charts pertaining to and in relation to geographical environment and to various highway transportation features of the area are prepared and published as required.