Andrew O. Harry, P.E.

Assistant State Maintenance Engineer
1409 Coliseum Boulevard
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3050

The Traffic Operations Section of the Maintenance Bureau is responsible for planning and coordinating the maintenance and operation of the State highway system’s traffic control devices. The Section establishes statewide purchase contracts, specifications, standards; Reviews agreements and permits and evaluates new products; Administers and coordinates the LOGO Program and special traffic projects; Provides guidance concerning the Federal MUTCD and the Department’s Standard Drawings and Specifications on traffic engineering and control devices: The Section oversees the Statewide Sign Shop’s production of over a half million signs annually and the Statewide Signal Shop’s work of testing, evaluating, and installing electronic and traffic control equipment. All this and more to promote the efficient use of public monies and the safest possible movement of traffic on the State’s Highway System.

Traffic Operations
Signal Shop
521 Traffic Operations Drive
Phone: 334-242-6404
FAX: 334-262-4976

Approved Products List

List IV Testing Fee Schedule

Manual Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

ALDOT Sign Shop
523 Traffic Operations Drive
Montgomery, AL 36110
Phone (334) 242-6295    Fax (334) 262-0780

MUTCD Standard Highway Signs


Specification Description Last Updated
MBS 8-18-97 Type A,B, & C Warning Lights March 2010
MBS 082594 Large Glass Bead Specification (Rev 2) December 1999
MBS 2000-01 48", Highly Reflective, Roll-Up Signs October 2004
MBS 2000-02 36", Highly Reflective, Roll-Up Signs October 2004
MBS 2001-01 Advanced Warning Arrow System, Vehicle-Mount April 2011
MBS 2001-02 Advanced Warning Arrow System, Trailer-Mount April 2011
MBS 2001-03 Changeable Message Sign, Vehicle-Mount April 2011
MBS 2001-04 Changeable Message Sign, Trailer-Mount April 2011
MBS 2001-05 360-Degree, Class 1, Single Strobe Beacon (Gaseous) January 2011
MBS 2001-10 LED, Surface Mount Strobe January 2011
MBS 2001-11 LED, Directional Light Assembly January 2011
MBS 2001-15 180-Degree, Heavy Equipment Beacon January 2011
MBS 2004-01 360-Degree, Class 1, Single Strobe Beacon (LED) January 2011
MBS 2005-01 275 Gallon IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) August 2010
MBS 2005-02 Waterborne Paint Cleansing Solution August 2010
MBS 2006-01 36" & 48", Microprismatic, Roll-Up Signs January 2006
MBS 2006-02 High-build Traffic Paint and Glass Beads October 2006
MBS 2008-04 Pavement and Marking Performance Specification June 2008
MBS 2008-2PI Furnishing and Installing Sign Posts June 2008
MBS 2008-1GS Complete Highway Guide Signing & Maintenance June 2008
MBS 2008-10 Retroreflective, All Weather, Roadway Markings June 2008
MBS 2008-11 Paint truck conversion kit listing for all weather markings June 2008
MBS 2008-12 Performance Pavement Markings November 2008
MBS 2009-02 Materials & Performance Video Detection Specification August 2009
MBS 2010-01 LED, Mini-Lightbar, Warning Light January 2011
MBS 2010-02 LED, Multi-Head Lightbar, Warning Light January 2011
MBS 2010-03 LED, 4-Corner, Remote, Warning System January 2011
MBS 2010-04 Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD) March 2010
MBS 2010-05 Hand Held Traffic Data Collector April 2010


Specification Description Last Updated
HMI-707 Detail of Center-mount Delineators and Hazard Markers November 2000
TCD 100 Traffic Channelization Devices - ALDOT Standard Drawing February 2001
B-107-2 Barricades, Types I, II, & III - ALDOT Standard Drawing April 2005
MDB 2009-01 Typical Sensys VSN240-f wireless sensor quantity & layout January 2009
MBD 2009-03 S-section and round pipe posts retrofits May 2009
Material Submittal Form Rev.06/2011 Blank form to be included with all Traffic Equipment Material Submittals
Warrant Analysis Worksheet Rev. 05/2011 Work Sheet in Excel 2007 format, conforms to 2009 MUTCD
WIM Weighpad Installation Rev. D, 06/11/2010 Installation manual for WIM pad and frame
WIM Bending Plate
Detail Sheets
Rev. D, 11/03/2008 Detail drawings for Bending Plate Installation
WIM Temperature Sensor
Detail Sheets
Rev. D, 03/09/2011 Detail drawings for Temperature Sensor Installation