Traffic Product Testing and Evaluation

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Submittal/Testing Procedure Revision Date Product Listing Last
IV-1 Procedures 02/15/2005    List IV-1    09/05/2017 Traffic Controllers And/Or Cabinets
IV-2 Procedures 02/15/2005    List IV-2    01/08/2018 Individual Traffic Signal Items
IV-3 Procedures 07/02/2012    List IV-3    01/08/2018 Work Zone Traffic Control Devices
IV-4 Procedures 10/13/1995    List IV-4    11/06/2017 Miscellaneous Traffic Control Devices
IV-5 Procedures 10/13/1995    List IV-5    08/07/2017 Breakaway Connectors for Lightweight or Bendaway and Standard
or Rigid Sign Supports

Testing Fee Schedule - effective 19 June 2015 for the above Lists!

Maintenance Bureau Process Flow for Evaluation and Testing (rev 01/25/2006) 

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