Topic Index of ALDOT Procedures - Aggregate

ALDOT-175 Method of Stockpiling Coarse Aggregate for all Purposes 2/25/1994
ALDOT-223 Establishing Moisture-Density Controls for Soils and/or Aggregates with Chemical Additives (Excluding Bituminous Materials) 2/15/1994
ALDOT-239 Method of Sampling and Testing Riprap Stone (Classes 1 - 5) and Buttress Material 6/10/2010
ALDOT-240 Determination of Moisture Content in Mulching Materials 2/17/1994
ALDOT-249 Procedure for Acceptance of Fine and Coarse Aggregates 6/29/2005
ALDOT-283 Method of Test for Sieve Analysis of Agricultural Limestone 2/22/1994
ALDOT-321 Test for Glassy Particles in Crushed Slag 3/18/1994
ALDOT-330 Procedure for Marking, Sampling and Inspection of Corrugated Metal Round and Arch Roadway and Side Drain Pipe 3/18/1994
ALDOT-364 Procedure for Inspection of Concrete Pipe, Precast Manholes, Precast Box Culverts, Precast Non-Prestress Concrete Bridge Members and Miscellaneous Precast Products 07/11/2016
ALDOT-376  Certification Program for Aggregate Technicians  3/29/1995
ALDOT-377  Certification Program for Precast Concrete Products Technicians 12/29/2009
ALDOT-382 Mining, Stockpiling, Sampling, and Testing Carbonate Stone from Single or Multiple Forma­tions/Ledges for Determi­nation of BPN9 Values 10/11/1994
ALDOT-427 Procedure for Limerock Bearing Ratio 5/15/2007
ALDOT-453 Procedure for Inspection and Acceptance of Segmental Retaining Wall Block Facilities, Masonry Block Facilities, and Other Similar Manufacturing Facilities 07/11/2014