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The Materials Division consists of the Pavement Design Section, Certification Section (IAS&T), and Nuclear Gage Laboratory. The Pavement Design Section has responsibility for the most economical selection of materials used in the various layers of the pavement structure in accordance with the latest AASHTO design standards.

The Certification Section conducts the Independent Assurance Sampling and Testing Program on roadway construction projects for compliance with specifications and provides certification to the Federal Highway Administration of the materials used, along with the quality of construction.

The Nuclear Gage Laboratory repairs nuclear gages owned by the Alabama Department of Transportation. In addition, Department-owned nuclear gages are leak-tested. These tests are performed semiannually to ensure the integrity of the radioactive source encapsulation. Training and testing is being done by the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University. Certification is being done by the Bituminous Engineer in the Hot Mix Asphalt laboratory.