Online and In-person Public Involvement: Intersection Realignment and Modifications of SR-3 (US-31) and SR-12 (US-84)

Online Public Involvement: US-31 and US-84 Intersection Realignment

Project Overview

Location: Evergreen (Conecuh County)

US-84 intersects US-31 with an irregular triangular intersection consisting of multiple approach and departing legs at different skews and grades. The overall intersection geometry is non-standard and causes general driver confusion, as well as encourages high speed merging movements and blind approaches. The objective of this project is to redesign/realign the intersection to a standard 3-way T-intersection, maintaining the majority of the free flow movements and rate of speed access movements while maximizing the safety potential of the intersection. Additional right-of-way will be required to implement the project.

The purpose of this public involvement meeting is to inform the public of the design features for the project. ALDOT is interested in obtaining input from the people who use this route.
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ALDOT is conducting online public involvement for the proposed project. All comments regarding this project must be submitted on or before Friday, September 23, 2022.


State of Alabama Department of Transportation will hold a Public Involvement Meeting for the proposed project HSIP-0009(585). This informal meeting will be held as follows:
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
The Depot-Evergreen-Conecuh Chamber of Commerce
100 Depot Square
Evergreen, Alabama 36401

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The Comment period for this project has closed.

Questions can be directed to:
Jerome Reddick
ALDOT, Southwest Region
(251) 470-8295