Online and In-person Public Involvement: Intersection Modifications at AL-9 (US-331) and CR-61 (Hobbie Road)

Online Public Involvement: InIntersection Modifications at AL-9 (US-331) and CR-61 (Hobbie Road)

Project Overview

Location: Montgomery (Montgomery County)

TThe proposed project will improve the intersection of AL-9 (US-331) and CR-61 (Hobbie Road) in Montgomery, Alabama. The project as proposed will include modifying turn movements at the intersection of US-331 and Hobbie Road as well as changes to the median along US-331.

The purpose of this public involvement meeting is to inform the public of the design features for the project. ALDOT is interested in obtaining input from the people who use this route.
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ALDOT is conducting online public involvement for the proposed project. All comments regarding this project must be submitted on or before Friday 09/23/2022.


State of Alabama Department of Transportation will hold a Public Involvement Meeting for the proposed project HSIP-0009(585). This informal meeting will be held as follows:
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Snowdoun Baptist Church
6564 Noman Bridge Rd
Montgomery, Alabama 36105

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The Comment period for this project has closed.

Questions can be directed to:
Lisa Valier
ALDOT, Southeast Region