Professional Enhancement Program (PEP)


What is the
Professional Enhancement program?

The PEP program offers training that covers everything from soft skills to very detailed certification training as well as the required training in the Employee Development Program (EDP) program.

The PEP section researches training (classes, courses and conferences); communicates with vendors, instructors, and employees (including supervisors and upper management).

PEP also sets up training in the HCM (Human Capital Management) system; manages the training in HCM system to include enrollment, completion, providing training histories, and processes the invoices for payment. The PEP section works diligently to ensure that the adequate training is available for the needs of all ALDOT employees. The PEP section offers training for all ALDOT employees' needs. There are over 4,500 ALDOT employees statewide.


For questions pertaining to the Professional Enhancement Program (PEP) contact Bridget Jones at 334.213.2021.