SR-158 Project Information

US-98/SR-158 Extension Projects

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) has continued working to complete designs, secure environmental clearances and purchase right-of-way to resume construction of the SR-158 extension that will connect to the new US-98 that is partially completed. Due to BP funding, ALDOT has been able to move forward with the US-98 and SR-158 project plans for constructing a two-lane facility from Schillinger Road to the Mississippi State Line.

Construction has resumed beginning with the Big Creek Bridge extension project that let to bid in June 2017. Subsequent projects to complete the route will be constructed as six separate projects. Construction began in September 2017 and is expected to be completed in approximately four to six years.

The project scope will include building the foundation and performing the earthwork for four lanes, paving two lanes and creating interchanges. ALDOT will pursue the ultimate divided four-lane design with fully functional freeway type interchanges as funding becomes available.

ALDOT thanks you for your interest and patience as we move forward with our mission of providing a safe, efficient and environmentally-sound transportation network throughout Alabama.

# Project Description CN Start Estimated Completion
1 BP-049-042-011 Extend Eastbound Bridge on US-98 over Big Creek Complete March 2019
2 NHF-0158(502) Roadway Extension from east of SR-217 to the junction of Schillinger Rd. Complete November 2020
3 NH-0158(508) Roadway Extension from east of Glenwood Rd. to West of SR-217 In Construction December 2022
4 NH-0158(505) SR-158, Lott Rd Overpass and Jug Handle In Construction December 2022
5 NHF-0042(535) Construct Bridge on Wilmer-Georgetown Rd over US-98 with Jug Handle In Construction December 2022
6 NH-0042(517) Constructing the Bridge Replacement on Glenwood Road over SR-158 Extension West of Semmes. In Construction Summer 2023
7 NH-0042(509) Base and Pave on SR-42 (US-98) (SR-158 Extension)from the Mississippi State Line to East of Glenwood road In Construction Fall 2023

As part of our commitment to keep the public more involved and better informed, we have created a Community Outreach Group for the U.S. 98 project. This group of private citizens has volunteered to work with the Alabama Department of Transportation to ensure we are headed in the right direction. They assist us in providing feedback to plans, suggesting alternatives, asking pertinent questions and keeping the community informed.

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The group was recommended by an independent panel including members from Mobile County Government, Fish and Wildlife and the Chamber of Commerce. The creation of this Community Outreach Group and their independent selection is part of our continued commitment to a Safe98.

Ernie Brannan 251.649.4042
Jeremy Dogette 251.401.8566
Sondra McLeod Fincher 251.689.9563
Alvin Hutchinson 251.649.4083
Billy Lucas 251.331.1727
Charles Hyland 251.694.3150
Rhonda Stringfellow 251.331.5583
J. Paul Thrash 251.421.5902
Lori Deas Williams 251.510.7853

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