Chief Appraisal
1409 Coliseum Boulevard
Montgomery, Alabama 36110


The Appraisal Section is responsible for Appraisals (Staff and Fee), appraisal reviews and related matters.


The responsibilities of this section are further categorized as follows...

  • Appraisal/Review - There is no single operation within a right of way acquisition program that is more important to its success than the appraisal/appraisal review of needed tracts of real property.
  • Appraisal Reports - For any tract requiring an appraisal, it is necessary that the approved offer is based on a well documented, factual, and complete report prepared by a qualified and competent real property appraiser. It is equally important that the appraisal report, once submitted, be subjected to a review by a qualified and competent review appraiser that is objective, fair, and complete.
  • Value Finding - A Value Finding Appraisal is to cover tracts on which there is no damage to the remainder or minimum damage which can be measured by cost to cure. Additionally, the value of the taking must not exceed $35,000.00. As support for land values, reference may be made to applicable comparable sales in the files or appraised values on other specific tracts on the same project.
  • Agreement for Real Property - This is an agreement form (contract for services) used by the Alabama Department of Transportation in obtaining the services (statewide) of real property fee appraisers.
Jeff Jones Assistant Bureau Chief, Right-of-Way Operations Acting Chief Appraiser (334) 242-6199
Frank Hayes Real Property Value Analyst (334) 242-6200
Jennifer Davis Real Property Value Analyst (334) 242-6202

Appraisal: Manual & Forms

For the MANUAL click the following... Appraisal Manual

A-18 6/19 Instruction for Forms & Report PDF
FA-1 4/15 Standard Title Page Word
FA-2 4/15 Transmittal Letter Word
FA-3 4/15 Appraisal Summary Page Word
FA-4 3/15 Scope & Subject Data Word
FA-5 4/15 Market & Site Analysis Word
FA-6 4/15 Use, RELO Meeting Word
FA-7 4/15 Highest & Best Use Analysis Word
FA-8 4/15 Before Land Valuation Word
FA-9 3/15 Description Of Residential Improvement Word
FA-10 4/15 Description Of Non-Residential Improvement Word
FA-11 4/15 Improved Market Appoach Word
FA-11A 4/15 Market (Income Based) Approach
4/15 Income Approach Word
4/15 Income Approach Support Word
FA-12A 4/15 Res GRMM Word
FA-12B 4/15 COMM GRM Word
FA-13 4/15 Cost Approach Word
FA-13A 4/15 Cost Sources & Explanation Of Depreciation (Cost Approach) Word
FA-14 4/15 Before Correlation Word
FA-15 4/15 Description of Remainder Word
FA-16 4/15 After Land Valuation Word
FA-17 4/15 After IMP Mkt Approach Word
4/15 After Income Approach Word
4/15 After Income Approach Support Word
FA-18A 4/15 After Res GRMM Word
FA-18B 4/15 After Comm GRM Word
4/15 After Cost Approach Word
4/15 After Cost Sources Word
FA-20 4/15 Correlation (After Value) Word
FA-21 4/15 Certificate Of Appraiser Word
FA-22 4/15 Addenda Content Word
FA-22A 4/15 Subject Photos Word
FA-22B 4/15 Improvement Photos Word
FA-22C 4/15 Improvement Sketch Word
FA-22D 4/15 Property Plat Word
FA-23 4/15 Market Data Land Comparable Word
FA-23A 4/15 Market Data Land Comparable Location Map Word
FA-24 4/15 Market Data Improved Residential Comparable Write-Up Word
FA-24A 4/15 Improved Residential Comparable Location Map Word
FA-25 4/15 Market Data Improved NON-RESIDENTIAL Comparable Write-Up Word
FA-25A 4/15 Market Data Residential/Non-Residential Income Comparable Location Map Word
FA-26 4/15 Market Data Residential/Non-Residential Income Comparable Write-Up Word
FA-26A 4/15 Market Data Residential/Non-Residential Income Comparable Location Map Word
FA-27 4/15 Market Data Commercial-Income Comparable Word
Rpt-1 4/15 Vacant Land Total Take-2015 Word
Rpt-2 4/15 Vacant Land Partial Take-2015 Word
Rpt-3 4/15 Imp -Res Total Take-2015 Word
Rpt-4 4/15 Imp Res Partial Take-2015 Word
Rpt-5 4/15 Imp Commercial Total Take-2015 Word
Rpt-6 4/15 Imp Comm Partial Take-2015 Word
Rpt-8 4/15 Master File Report Word
Rpt-9 8/15 SALE of ROW Appraisal (Base Forms) Word
XReport 5/15 Excel Report Model xls
XReport 5/15 Grids Only xls