Lindy Sorrell
Assistant Bureau Chief, Engineering Services & GIS
1409 Coliseum Boulevard
Montgomery, Alabama 36110


The Right of Way Bureau's Engineering Services & GIS Section is responsible for the preparation of Right of Way maps for the acquisition and disposal of rights of way, as well as provide access to digital and hard-copy right of way mapping data with computerized spatial services.


  • Production - Right of Way maps refers to the preparation of a separate map specific to the needs of right of way acquisition and the accompanying property plats and legal descriptions.
  • Distribution - The Engineering Services and GIS Section is responsible for the indexing, storage, and scanning of all Right of Way maps for the purpose of maintaining a historical archive of completed projects and the distribution of active maps to the appropriate parties.
  • Technical Support - CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) Automation tools are developed and maintained for the purpose of establishing uniform standards for the Right of Way maps and to expedite the production process. Also, a Right of Way Bureau website is maintained by this section for the purpose of publishing guidelines, standards, forms, agreements, etc. as a service to the public and as reference material for both ALDOT employees and consultants performing work for ALDOT.
  • Training - Training is provided in the area of map production as it pertains to Right of Way acquisition. This training includes instructions in formatting standards and map production techniques utilizing CAD and Office automation tools.
Lindy Sorrell Assistant Bureau Chief, Engineering Services/GIS (334)242-6187
Will Jefcoat Transportation Manager/Mapping Section Supervisor (334)242-6815
Ray McCall TT Sr. Checking (334)242-6035
Matthew Anderson TT Sr. Mapping (334)242-6619
Chris Thomas Transportation Technologist (334)242-6648

Engineering Services/GIS: Forms & Manual

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Master Project Master Project Tract Quantities Spreadsheet Excel
Rules of Thumb ROW Rules of Thumb Right-of-Way Rules of Thumb PDF