Frequently Asked Quesitons: Please click on the following questions for answers.

Why is the road coming through this area?

A: This location was determined to be the best from an engineering standpoint after all environmental / engineering studies were conducted.

How can i get more money?    This isn't enough...  It is an insult!

A: Your offer was based on an appraisal of the fair market value of the property with consideration to comparable area sales. Should you be able to provide additional area sales data, or you feel some elements of the value of your property have been overlooked, our reviewers will be willing to consider this information.

They have been talking about this route for years, why now?

A: The Department has received all environmental clearances, and funding is now available for design and construction.

Will I have to move by a certain date?

A: The Department is required by State and Federal regulations to provide a written notice explaining that you will not be required to move from your property before 90 days from the date of notice or the date comparable replacement housing was made available, whichever is later. The notice further explains that you will be given a 30 day written notice specifying the date the property must be vacated.

Why is this road being designed as such?

A: Roadway design is based on the latest engineering and design standards.

Who can I talk to about the design? Can I get it changed?

A: Right of Way is usually authorized after public involvement meetings and design plan authorization. Any changes to the design based on public comments were considered during those stages.

Tell me what you think my property is worth?

A: Your property value will be based on an appraisal by a qualified appraiser. We cannot give you an off the cuff estimate.

Who will appraise my property?

A: A qualified staff or fee appraiser will appraise the property.

How was the value of my property determined?

A: The valuation of the property was determined based on an appraisal, which considered comparable sales and market trends in your area.

How much did my neighbor get for his property?

A: That matter is confidential between the State and the individual property owner.

Why can't you veer around my house? There is nothing on the other side of the road?

A: Engineering/environmental studies show this design is the best for this location.

Who is in charge?

A: The Region Area Right of Way Manager is tasked with handling the right of way functions of the Area within each Region.

What do I do if you condemn my property?

A: A Probate Court Hearing will be held and an award rendered. If you or the State choose not to accept this award, a jury trial in circuit court may be requested.

I have received a date to vacate. How much longer can I actually stay?

A: You will have to follow the directive.

Will ALDOT place new property corners for me?

A: No. The right of way acquired from you will be staked out but we do not stake the remainder of your property.