Professional Enhancement Program (PEP)

The PEP section manages administrative aspects of training requests, including scheduling and setting up classes, contacting vendors for program needs and logistics. Researches and identifies course providers and instructors to meet ALDOT training needs through Colleges, Universities, National Highway Institute, and The Federal Highway Administration.


Bridget Jones Section Chief 334-213-2027
Phyllis Hearn Hill Training Coordinator 334-213-2043
Cheryl Klein Training Coordinator 334-213-2029
Angela Bennett Training Coordinator 334-213-2032
Demetria Mock Training Coordinator 334-213-2035
Linda Burkette Training Coordinator 334-213-2053
Kim Headley Training Coordinator 334-206-2323
Aidee Baker Training Admin Support 334-206-2351
Connie Wynn Training Coordinator 334-242-6417