Modal Programs is part of the Transportation Planning and Modal Programs Bureau at the Alabama Department of Transportation. Formerly the Multimodal Bureau, a variety of programs are administered under the umbrella of Modal Programs, to include Metropolitan Planning, Transit, Special Programs, and the Rail-Highway Safety sections. In addition, Modal Programs has an Office Management section and a Financial Management section. Please see the contacts below for the different areas.

Randy R. Stroup is the Assistant Bureau Chief for the Modal Programs area of Transportation Planning and Modal Programs Bureau and in charge of the Special Programs and Rail-Highway Safety Sections daily operations.

Sonya R. Baker is the Assistant Bureau Chief for the Metropolitan Planning and Transit sections of Modal Programs.


Randy R. Stroup Acting Bureau Chief (334)353-6455
Sonya R. Baker Assistant Bureau Chief for Metropolitan Planning and Transit (334)353-6403
Catrina Perry Administrative Support Assistant (334)353-6405

Office Management Section

Dorothy Smiley Transportation Office Manager (334)353-6413
Sherri Williams Administrative Support Assistant (334)353-6400

Financial Management Section

Amy Gentry Account Clerk (334)353-6409
Ann Thompkins Accountant (334)353-6437

Metropolitian Planning Section

Joe Nix Transportation Planner, Sr. (334)353-6421
Toni Arrington Transportation Planner (334)353-6631
Karen Carr-Jones Transportation Technologist (334)353-6416
Transportation Planner
Dina Bosley Administrative Support Assistant (334)242-6519
James Doolin Transportation Planner, Sr. (334)242-6097
Christopher Azubuike Transportation Manager (334)242-6099
Bryan Fair Civil Engineering Graduate (334)242-6098

Transit Section

Wiley Brooks Transit Section Supervisor (334)353-6417
Barbara Hendricks Transportation Planner (334)353-6424
Bonnie Brackett Transportation Tech (334)353-6425
James Giles Transportation Planner (334)353-6419
Janice Thomas Transportation Planner (334)353-6443
Robert Echols Transportation Technologist (334)353-6422
Tommy Thomson Transportation Planner (334)353-6446

Special Programs Section

Robert "Bob" Kratzer Special Programs Manager (334)353-6442
Corean Johnson Administrative Support Assistant (334)353-6438
Rebecca Fulks Statewide Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator (334)353-6439
Jason Phelps EA I (334)353-6430
Tina Milton Environmental Coordinator (334)353-6441

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