The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), under 23 CFR 1.11 and 635.105, may delegate management of certain federally-funded projects to a Local Public Agency (LPA). This delegation does not, in any way, relieve ALDOT of its responsibility in administering the funds for those projects. The Local Transportation Bureau is responsible for verifying that all federal requirements have been met in the LPA Process.

This LPA site is intended for use by those local governments and agencies interested in developing LPA projects. Interested parties should visit or download items pertaining to the LPA process and the various project types. Local agencies and or their consultants should coordinate all activities with the appropriate Region Engineer and the Local Transportation Bureau.

Below is a list of commonly accessed links to review and/or download. Click the arrow below to display the menu to the LPA download pages.

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Please Review and/or Download

ADPH Safe Routes to School Link
Alabama Counties & Cities Information
Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM)
Alabama League of Municipalities
Alabama Road Builders Association
Alabama State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors
American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officals (AASHTO)
Association of County Commissioners
Association of County Commissions of Alabama
Association of County Engineers
Association of County Engineers in Alabama
2008 Bridge Pocket Construction Guide
A-E Uniform Audit and Accounting Guide
ALDOT 2011 Noise Policy and Guidance
ALDOT Construction Manual
ADA Accessibility Guidelines – US Access Board
ARRA 2009
Asphalt Index Summary
Best Management Practices
Bicycle Pedestrian Information
Federal Aid Essentials
NEPA and Project Development (FHWA Guidelines)
Safety Programs
Statewide Planning and Research
Surface Transportation Program (STP)
Title 23 CFR Highways
Title 23 USC Highways
Title 23 USC Highways [FHWA site]
Title 49 CFR Transportation
Title 49 USC Transportation
Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)
Transportation Community System Preservation (TCSP) (SAFETEA-LU)
Uniform Act
Uniform Act 42 USC Part 61
Uniform Act Final Rule 42 CFR Part 24
Ethics, Title VI and DBE
ADA Accessibility Guidelines –
Alabama Ethics Act, effective September 1, 2015
Alabama Ethics Commission
ALDOT On-the-Job-Training (OJT)
ALDOT Title VI Implementation Plan
Beason-Hammon Protection Act

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