Transit is a section located within the Local Transportation bureau at the Alabama Department of Transportation. The Transit Section is responsible for meeting the multimodal transportation requirements outlined in Section 134, Title 23, U.S.C. and Sections 5303, 5307, 5310, 5311 and 5313, Title 49, U.S.C. including management of the Federal Transit Administration ARRA funds.

Randy Stroup Asst. Bureau Chief (334)353-6455
Catrina Perry-Rollins Engineer Asst. I (334)353-6505
Ann Thompkins Staff Accountant (334)353-6437
Wiley Brooks Transit Section Manager (334)353-6417
James Giles Transportation Planner (334)353-6419
Robert Echols Transportation Technologist (334)353-6422
Barbara Hendricks Transportation Planner (334)353-6424
Janice O. Thomas Transportation Planner (334)353-6443
Tommy M. Thomson Transportation Planner (334)353-6446
Bonnie Brackett Transportation Technologist (334)353-6425
Candy Masters Transportation Planner (334)353-6435
Teresa Bledsoe Account Clerk (334)353-6430
Sherri Williams Asst. TAP Coordinator (334)