Customer Support

The Customer Support section is the hardware and software standards unit for the Alabama Department of Transportation Computer Services Technical Support Division and is located at the Department’s Annex II location in the Gunter Industrial Park.
Customer Support major functions:

  • The section oversees the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) which is responsible for reviewing, researching, developing, and making recommendations concerning computer hardware and software standards to be applied throughout the Alabama Department of Transportation.
  • The section is also the acquisition and distribution arm of all computer hardware, standard departmental software, computer supplies, non-standard software, and peripherals for the Department. The unit services the Department’s Central Office and Annex facilities, and five region locations from its’ Gunter Park warehouse location.
  • The section is also responsible for maintaining and assignment of the Computer Training facility which is used for onsite software and applications training to augment the Department’s technical, programming, and engineering training needs. The Computer Training facility is comprised of two classrooms. Each classroom has full audio visual capabilities, Internet connectivity, and network printing support capabilities with an instructor and 12 student computer workstations.

GIS Engineering Support

The GIS & Engineering Support Section is divided into two groups: the GIS Group and the Engineering Support Group. The section develops new software and customizes commercial off the shelf (COTS) applications. Furthermore, the section develops and refines the accuracy of several critical datasets. Moreover, the section assists ALDOT staff in meeting countless needs while at the same time increasing efficiency and improving data quality.

The GIS Group handles tasks of data warehousing and management, extremely high-quality map production, and client/server-based as well as web-based geo-services. The GIS Group is responsible for providing and maintaining accurate, current and complete geospatial data of ALDOT maintained assets for internal workflow optimization and better decision support. Further, the GIS Group is responsible for analyzing and displaying the location and related information of these assets. Some examples of applications developed bythe GIS Group include the BDRP application used by the Bridge Bureau, the TDPS application used by the Transportation Planning Bureau, the Hurricane Evacuation Application used by the Maintenance Bureau, and the TransView application used by various bureaus and regions.

The Engineering Support Group provides customization services for COTS software such as MicroStation, InRoads, TerraModel, and DeedPro. These customized COTS applications automate repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and help achieve efficient communication between workgroups. Additionally, the Engineering Support Group provides programming services for data reduction, data analysis, and data integration. Some examples of applications developed by the Engineering Support Group include the ALCAD application used by the Design Bureau, the ROW Tract Manager applicationused by the Right of Way Bureau, and the CADD Data Harvester application used by various bureaus and regions.

GIS & Engineering Support Section Team

Bradley Hall Senior Programmer Analyst 213-2041
Mike Pate Programmer Analyst 213-1284
Charles Collins Programmer Analyst 213-1289
Ken Kohnke Programmer Analyst 213-1287
Sherrill Waddell Programmer Analyst Associate 213-1291
Taylor Proulx Programmer Analyst Associate 213-1285
Jacqueline Brooks Programmer Analyst Associate 213-2054
Marina Davis Programmer Analyst Associate 260-5250
Alec Serrano Programmer Analyst(Contract employee) 213-1282


The Web Team is responsible for development, maintenance, and coordination of ALDOT's Internet Intranet.

ALDOT Internet

The internet is ALDOT’s way of sharing information with and for the general public, as well as the organizations regions and bureaus. The overall website is a repository for manuals, forms, organizational information, travel advisories (Traffic Cameras, Hurricane Information, Winter Weather Information, etc.), surplus properties, bid listings, DBE vendors, and numerous other notifications that are useful and important for ALDOT’s everyday use as it relates to the general public.

ALDOT Intranet

The intranet (SharePoint) is a way for ALDOT to share information such as policies, procedures, forms and manuals within the ALDOT network. The information that is stored and shared in this location is not accessible by the public.