Local Public Agency (LPA) Projects
Rebuild Alabama Annual Grant Program (RAA)
Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (ATRIP)
Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (ATRIP-II)
DBE Program
Industrial Access Program
Title VI Program
Contract Compliance Program
On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program
Statewide Transportation Plan
STIP Program
Transportation Workforce Development (TWD)
National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI)
RPO Work Program
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
MS4 program
Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)
Intercity Bus Program - 5311 (F)
Rural Transit Assistance Program (R.T.A.P) - 5311 (B)
Rural Transit Program - 5311
Enhanced Mobility of Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities - 5310
Public Transportation Program - 5307
Urbanized Areas Transit Program
Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan
Rail-Highway Program
Work Zone Awareness (WZA) Program
Walk to School Day Program
TIM Program
Engineering Training Orientation Program (ETOP)
Fundamentals of Engineering/Professional Engineering Program (FE/PE)
EA Hands on Rotation Program
Professional Civil Engineer Trainee Program (PCET)
Professional Enhancement Program (PEP)
Employee Development Program (EDP)
Specific Service Signing Program (LOGO)
Emergency Relief Program
Emergency Bridge Inspection Team (EBIT) Program
Research Program
Product Evaluation Program
Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) Program
Qualified Credentialed Inspector program QCIP
Environmental Information
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
Roadway Maintenance Environmental Oversight
Construction Stormwater Management
Stormwater Permitting & Design
Environmental Planning & Permitting
Freight Planning
Safety Outreach Programs and Initiatives
Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)
Electronic Construction Best Management Practices Plan
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Alabama Service Assistance Patrol (ASAP)