Data Center


The data center operations team members are responsible with the monitoring and maintenance of the IBM Mainframe
and its supporting hardware during Operation hours (7:00am – 10:00pm) as well as weekends and holidays. Team
Members monitor the physical conditions of the room to make sure the data centers maintains appropriate operating
temperatures for the data center hardware as well as monitoring alarms for any events that may affect the performance
of the data center equipment, such as power loss or flooding.

Team Members also input commands to the mainframe at the request of programmers. These commands range from basic inquiry commands about system status to termination commands for systems, programs and users. Team Members are also responsible for scheduled and emergency restarts of the mainframe LPARs (Logical Partition) and in rare cases of the mainframe itself.These restarts are referred to as an IPL (Initial Program Loads) This is the structured shutdown of all mainframe systems and programs on an LPAR followed by a reset of that particular LPARs and initialization of the LPAR’s systems. In the case of software updates,these IPLs are done with the assistance of the mainframe programming support team.

Data Center team members work in conjunction with IBM Technicians as well as ALDOT’s own programmers and mainframe support personnel. Team Members also work with personnel from the Alabama Department of Finance’s Information Services Division (ISD) to perform tests of the emergency disaster recovery procedures in case of a catastrophic event that shuts down the ALDOT or ISD data centers.

Trouble Reporting Responsibilities:

Data Center Team Members are also responsible for answering the trouble reporting helpline for users of ALDOT systems. Team Members are responsible for the initial ticket creation as well as minor trouble shooting issues to help users resolve their technical troubles.  If the issue cannot be resolved, a ticket for the user is created and sent to the appropriate technical support group personnel.  Team members also call in tickets for down data circuits to the ISD Network Desk.

Team Members:

Karen Gray

IT Operations Manager


Quiana Williams

IT Operations Specialist


Grace Benton

It Operations Technician


Bryan Meek

IT Operations Specialist


Sean Kelly

IT Operations Specialist


Jason Hendrix

IT Operations Technician